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10 amazing festivals you should not miss in Nov-Dec

Festival” the word we all have been listening since our childhood and have lots and lots of cherished memories to talk about, has now gained a different meaning. Thanks to our fast paced metro lives that has changed everything about festivals.

If you check the dictionary meaning of festival it states – “a day or time of religious or other celebration, marked by feasting, ceremonies, or other observances” or “a period or program of festive activities, cultural events, or entertainment”, that means a series of singing, music, dance and for sure FUN. But in today’s hectic lives we hardly spare any time to enjoy festivals to their fullest.

So if you really wish to enjoy some unique festivals celebrated, than you must pack your bags and head to any of the below mentioned festivals celebrated in Nov- Dec and I am sure you will definitely have some uncommon stories to share.

1. Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair

This is an yearly festival you can be a part of. It is a greatest tribal gathering in India organised during the month of November. This five day long event is a cocktail of music, smell and sight. It also holds a distinct repo, as it is the largest cattle fair. Camel race, Camel and horse dance, cultural events like Turban tying and tilak competition are some other attractions of this merrymaking and rejoicing event. You can also have body tattoo, body piercing and a balloon ride if you decide to visit Pushkar during this festive time.

2. Thanksgiving Day

Thanks giving

Celebrated on 26th of November every year this is festival to offer thanks for happy days of the year. Also, this is a festival to share or give good fortune to those who are less fortunate than you.

Family feasting, unions, merry making, giving gifts, flowers, cookies mark this festival. Mmunching on cakes, pumpking pie, stuffed turkey is something you’ll surely love this thanksgiving.

3. Quema del Diablo (Burning of the Devil)


Photo CreditDshinabarger

Just before Christmas people of Guatemala celebrate this festival of burning the devil. This is ideally a ritual of cleaning. It is believed that the devil hides under the bed, furniture and even garbage. So cleaning is done to get rid of the devil.

During the festival all redundant article are dumped out in piles and further a big bonfire is lit along with the dummy of the devil. Black smoke and soot filled air is believed to eradicate the devil. Isn’t it different!

4. Hanukkah (Festival of lights)


It is a Jewish festival where candles are burnt for the time period of 8 days and so. During this festival friends and family members come together and feast & rejoice together.

5. Hogmanay Festival


Hogmanay is a festival celebrated during December and January in Scotland and surprisingly is more adored than Christmas. People come on to the streets singing and dancing, making it the biggest street party. Live concerts, singing, music, dancing and of course knocking down few drinks is what people relish.

The festival is well organised and all the events organised are ticketed. So, if you want to have an experience, get your seats booked.

6. Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot air baloon festival

Hot Air Balloon Festival organised over the period of December and January is what you should cherish if you are planning a trip to Karnataka, India. This mega event takes place in 3 different regions Hampi, Bidar and Mysore, where you can have a rejuvenating view of green grounds colorful serene hot air balloons floating all over the sky.

Experience the natural beauty and bird eye view of the world while enjoying a flight in hot air balloons.

7. Tansen Music Festival

Tansen Samaroh

For all classical music lovers their is a feast for you in a small Indian town called Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. This music festival dedicated to one of the navratans of Akbar’s court Tansen is organised annually at “Tansen Tomb” or “Tansen ka makbara”.

Artists and Musicians from all across India participate in this musical journey and showcase their love for music before a spectacular audience.

8. Sunburn Festival

Sunburn festival

Photo Credit: Pdmsunburn

The famous sunburn festival of Goa this year will be hosted during 27th and 30th Dec 2015 on Candolim beach. This largest electronic music festival welcome you to forget your worries and become a party animal.

This non stop 3 day festival stage artists from all across the world who takes you to a new world. This years fest have some hottest names associated with itself such as Afrojack, Alex miles, Boombaba and many more.

So what are you waiting for? PLAY ON!

9. Whirling Dervishes

Whirling dervishes

This is a unique festival that honors the memory of great Sufi saint Mevlana or Rumi. This festival commensurates between 10th and 17th of Dec. 1 million plus people become the part of this festival in Konya, Turkey.

10. Winterfest Boat Parade

Winterfest boat parade

Each year Florida’s Fort Lauderdale house thousands of  people on the bank of New River and witness the procession of lively lit boats. If you visit this fest you can either sail in one of the boat or occupy a place in the stands and enjoy the stuns, extravaganza music, outstanding performances and fireworks of course.

Come and be a part of this exotic festival and fill your bag of memories.

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