10 Awesome Food Hacks Every Bachelor Must Know

Are you the one who likes to do things in a simple, hassle free and smart way? These simple food hacks are definitely for you to surprise your friends this weekend and make your life easier. These simple yet creative tricks will definitely make a big difference and will definitely save you from cleaning a lot of mess after the party.

1. Dental floss is your weapon this weekend to cut cakes and other soft food items with out creating any mess.

Use dental floss to cut soft food items - Food Hack

        Image Source: Tumblr


2. Treat your friends with perfectly done, delicious sandwiches.  Softer inside – Crispy outside  

Toast single side of bread withither side soft - Food Hack

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3. Strawberries will no more be served with stems. 

Straw and Strawberry - Food Hack

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Hey! this can even be a fun game.

4. No need to pack your freeze with beverages before the party. 

Perfectly chilled beverage in 15 mins

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Serve them cold in just 15 mins.

5. Put your ice-cream in zipped polythene bags to save it from becoming hard as a brick. 

Perfect soft ice-creme

       Image Source: Reddit

Easy to keep – Easy to eat.

6. Cleaning fresh corn will no more be messy with this simple trick. 

Neatly peeled corn in no time - Food Hack

      Image Source: Tumblr

Ready to munch in less than 5 mins.

7. Enjoy your party with the spoon over your boiling pot. 

Control the boiling water

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Snacks will be ready in a while.

8. Surprise your friends with easy to do orange strips without any mess. 

Orange Strip - Food Hack

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4 simple steps and you are done.

9. Cut on your dish washing by serving all your dips in muffin tin. 

Cut your dish Washing - Food Hack

        Image Source: Tumblr

10. Serve perfectly warm  pizza without making your friends wait for it.

Perfect hot pizza at home

       Image Source: Tumblr

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