10 Different Ways to Turn Motivation into Success

You are able to constantly keep yourself motivated, but somehow success seems elusive. You wake up in the morning all charged up, but the rest of the day gets cold and you falter. You find motivation in the little things in your work and yet somehow they seem inadequate to be successful. If this sounds like your life story, then I have some good news for you.

As a person who has made his career through motivational speaking, I can lend a hand in your quest to find success. You may have cracked the secret to achieving motivation from different parts of your life, but you are evidently looking for ways to turn it into success. Here are 10 proven ways to transform your daily dose of motivation into a gradual stream of success in work, relationships, and life.

10 Ways to Turn Motivation into Success

1. Create a Plan

In order to define success, you first need to have a proper plan. What are your financial goals? What are your dreams? How do you plan to achieve them? Answer these questions to create a plan. A rough plan would do in the beginning, which you can improve and edit as you move forward in life.

2. Create a List of Achievable Goals

Motivation without a cause is like coffee without caffeine – you are not getting what you want. For your motivation to actually work, you need to set and define your goals. What does success mean to you? What are your short-term and long-term goals? How are these goals related to money? What is your single-biggest dream?

Answers to these questions will provide you with resources to create a plan. Only when you use your motivation to achieve these goals can you embrace success.

3. Form Habits

Once you have the list of your life goals, the next step is to form habits on your daily and yearly routines. For example, if you want to be a top writer, you must build a habit of daily reading. According to science, it takes about three weeks for a person to form a habit. Make reading a part of your life for 21 days, and you will be a better writer.

Of course, only reading won’t make you a top writer. You need to understand the traits of a good writer and see where you fall short. Forming habits based on these findings are definitely going to help you.

4. Enjoy Your Work

Studies have shown that there’s only one type of motivation that exists: motivation hat comes from within. And if you are looking for motivation in your work, you must enjoy it. A working professional who hates his job is never going to turn his motivation into success.

For example, a journalist who dreams of being an editor must enlace himself onto his work and reap bulbs of joy from it in order to be successful. When a professional is happy with his work, he becomes capable of reaching greater heights.

5. Treat Yourself

It is a great idea to treat yourself once in a while. Whenever I reach a short-term goal, like saving up a big chunk of money for my emergency fund or getting a promotion, I treat myself with a small gift. It can be anything – like a fancy pair of running shoes, or maybe a new Bluetooth headset.

6. Stick to a Routine

A lot of successful entrepreneurs I have talked to over the past few years have mentioned their love for the routine. Their general opinion that a routine makes them more creative and triggers them to do things that would have not been possible had they banked on spontaneity.

It is true that spontaneous acts can fuel creativity and give you million-dollar ideas, but for them to happen, you must stick to your daily routine. You go to bed at 11 PM and wake up at 6 AM? You should follow this routine for the rest of your life.

7. Accept Failures

Being motivated has its fair share of disadvantages. You get all pumped up about a new project and work day and night for it. But, it fails miserably. What do you do? You accept it and move on.

Motivation does not always lead to success; instead, it teaches you lessons.

8. Be Financially Organized

You don’t want to your finances to come between you and success. Money is a big problem that needs to be handled with care. If you are deep in a student loan debt and still hope to find capital for your new startup idea, you are certainly on the wrong path.

Keep money out of your mind when chasing success, and it will come to your feet. For some, success can mean money, but being financially organized is not a hard task to start with.

9. Keep a Journal

Jot down your thoughts on a daily basis, and you will be more in control than your peers. A common habit among some of the most successful people in the world, daily journalism has a lot of benefit. When you put your thoughts into paper (or a smartphone app), you can address them with more clarity. The human mind thinks hundreds and thousands of things on a single day and treasuring what matters the most is going to help you in the long run.

10. Get a Team

You may be an independent professional who gets more work done when you work alone. But, for success, independence can sometimes be a curse. Especially if your dream is work-related, you need to charge it together with your team. Success is not always the result of a single man, and the sooner you realize it the faster you will reach the doors of success.

These are the ten different ways that have helped me turn motivation into success. Anyone can find inspiration and get motivated, but it takes a lot more effort to be successful. Follow these and find your own success.

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