10 Free Food Apps You Must Install Today

Are you bored of playing games on your smartphone? Bored with chatting with friends? No more interesting videos to savor? Now what? What you will do with your smartphone? Why not use it to create a world for food. If you are a bachelor try these simple food hacks and surprise your friends this weekend.

However, if your mission this weekend is to dine out or order food or make a mouthwatering food at home try these simple to use yet amazing food apps and savor your taste buds.

1. Foodgawker


This is an absolute heaven for food lovers. You can browse through endless list of different recipes from all over the internet. Gorgeous pictures of tempting and mouthwatering food will surely compel you to try something from this food planet. This food app allows you to save, favorite or add notes to the recipes you wish to try.

Download for iOS

2. Kitchen stories

Kitchen Stories

This food app brings in unique cooking experiences to your kitchen for free. It is available on both Android and iOS. It can prove to be your perfect culinary partner by providing the best quick and easy recipes, to an elaborated multi-cuisine menu. It offers new recipes every week to let you keep going.

Step by step video tutorials, downloadable shopping list etc are some features which make the app more handy.

Download for Android and iOS.

3. Yummly

Yummly Mobile

This is yet another recipe finding app that you can install and use anytime for free. This is the largest recipe discovery and shopping list app that you can install and use anytime for free. This food app offers recipe recommendations based on your diets, allergies, and tastes and allows you to add recipe ingredients to a shopping list for easy meal planning. You can also save any recipe in your Yums to prepare it later.

Download for Android and iOS.

4. Open table

Open Table

You must install this app immediately on your mobile phone to stop waiting outside restaurants. This app allows you to make reservations at your favorite food joint in fraction of seconds. All you need to do is select the restaurant, date, time and number of people.

Download for Android and iOS.

5. DIY Food decoration

DIY Food Decoration

This is a gallery app that is capable of planting ideas in your mind about decorating delicious food and make it more tempting and creative. By using DIY food decoration you can amaze your guest and kids with fancy and savoring food that would leave them spellbound. You can also try these simple food art and amaze your friends and family. The app is compatible for all devices and is very easy to use.

Download for Android.

6. Tastemade


This is a great app for food and travel lovers. It connects the world through videos and allows taste-makers to share their passion for food with other members. You can also share your own videos and travel experience with other net-workers.

Download for Android and iOS.

7. Fooducate


Fooducate is the best nutrition app you should stick to and get the perfectly toned body you have always dreamt of. The food app is your healthy diet partner which tracks your food, calories, and gives your recommendations about what to and what not to eat. It helps you learn to eat for health. You can also personalize your diet based on dietary goals, age, gender etc.

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Download for Android and iOS.

8. NRDC Eat Local

Eat local

The app allows you to treat your taste buds with the seasonal food available at your location. It assists you in finding out where’s the farmers market and find out what’s seasonal foods are available for you to relish. It also helps you find and try seasonal recipes.

Eat local is designed by Natural resources Defense Council and caters only to US markets.

Download for iOS.

9. Mixologist


This is the app for all drink lovers. It will give a bar tender in you an edge by assisting you with the drinks you could make with the ingredients you have in hand. Now, you don’t have to search web for making drinks while partying with friends but, just enter the ingredients and a whole list of drinks you could make, are displayed on your mobile screen.

Download for Android and iOS.

10. Harvest


This Food app is your all time guide to selecting and storing produces. It assists you on how to store different food items so that you can enjoy them for a longer time. This offline app also notifies you about the pesticide level, so that you know when to buy organic produce. It is available only for iphone users.

Download for iOS.

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