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10 Photoshop Tips and Tricks to Create Logo for Beginners

Designing a great logo encompasses many different elements. The logo needs to be attention grabbing, recognizable and speak to the brand’s foundations. Having someone design a logo for you can be quite costly, but by following a few simple tips and tricks, you can bring that vision you have to reality with Photoshop.

Beginners Can Easily Create a Logo Using These 10 Photoshop Tips and Tricks

1. Do your research before getting started

There should be some research happening ahead of time, before any actual design work starts. You’ll want to know if there’s any sort of entrenched imagery within that market that makes a logo more recognizable within that sector. But, you may also want to note that some of the most well-recognized logos are those who don’t follow the crowd.

2. Tell Your Brand Story

In the process of conducting your research, ask questions about your company and brand itself, to help generate design ideas that reflect who you are, what you do, what makes you different and what your company values the most?
Your company personality needs to be pinpointed, so it can shine through in the logo design. Stay true to your brand story regardless of any ideas or trends that are sweeping the design realm. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

3. Font selection is a big deal

The look of the font you choose can speak volumes, regardless of what the letters actually spell out.
Font acts as part of the design to help convey a given message, so take some time to look through fonts and select ones that are reflective of the message you want to send. Even if there’s a font you really like, it may not mesh well with rest of the logo design, so you have to be flexible in changing it.

4. Design Your Own Font

A font unlike other things can be a powerful brand recognition tool. Add slight differences to the font you’ve chosen to make it your own, by tweaking and refining it. Tracking and kerning your font helps you create these slight differences that make your font recognizable, but just different enough that it’s your own. You may even want to consider illustrating your font yourself, if that’s what is necessary to give yourself the look you’re striving for.

5. Go back to the basics

You may have a complex and fantastical logo design, but keep in mind that some of the world’s most recognizable brands have the most simple, basic logos.

“It’s usually the case that less is more”

Strip down your logo to the bare minimum and honestly ask yourself if it’s still recognizable. Visualize your logo in different settings, printed in different sized, in color and black and white – in each instance, is it just as recognizable as the last?

6. Take a look at negative space

A clever way to implement design into your logo is through the negative space. So, rather than using the colored areas to present your logo, you’re taking away from those areas to set your logo within the blank space created. Get some inspiration from browsing through 115 Free Logo Mockup PSD Templates, to find ideas when you’ve got designer’s block.

7. Be witty and humorous

If your brand story allows for it, add a little wit and humor to your design. You don’t want to just be another boring logo – you want people to stop, look twice and then smile to themselves and say, “I see what they did there!”

8. Inject some color

When you’re thinking of what colors to use in your design, you should be taking a look at the color wheel and getting a good understanding of how it works. It is an essential tool you need for properly combining color combinations that work well together. Before you finalize your decision on the colors you’re using, see where they all sit on the color wheel to make sure they’ll work well together.

9. Control mood using color

Color is a very effective tool in setting a particular mood, without anyone even realizing it. There’s a psychological association with colors that tends to sway people in one direction or another. Generally, warm colors such as reds and yellows are uplifting and energizing. Cooler blues and greens have a more calming effect. Depending on the mood you want to trigger, choose your colors carefully.

10. Don’t be afraid of black and white

Some of the most bold and stunning logos lack any color at all. Their basic design itself speaks enough to carry the message and reverberate with its audience. And, remember that even a color logo needs to work in black and white, should it be necessary in some form. So, whether you choose to use color or not, you’ll need to create a logo that still looks just as great and just as recognizable in black and white.

You don’t have to be a professional designer in order to create a logo that’s eye-catching and recognizable to your brand. Follow these tips as you begin your design journey towards creating the image that will be a reflection of your brand as a whole.

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