0 Quick tips to save money while traveling.

10 quick tips to save money while traveling

Increasing stress levels, fatigue and boredom these days demand for more and frequent trips to rejuvenate ourselves. Did you know that traveling more frequently helps in developing a completely different perspective and also helps you stay healthier? But, what often stops us from indulging in travel more often than we do is the cost associated with it. So, here I bring to you these cool tips that will help you travel more with less money and revitalize yourself.

Quick tips to save money while traveling

1. Indirect flights

Indrect flights

Air travel eats a major chunk of your travel budget, but this can be reduced greatly if you do a little research and find indirect flights to your destination.

Direct flights are often more costly than indirect ones. So, why not board an indirect flight and prevent those flight companies from pocketing your hard earned money. Skyscanner helps you find indirect routes to your destination and travel in much lesser cost. Tip is to also include nearby airports and not stick to specific start and end points.

2. Board a private room instead of a big hotel

Private room

Hotels these days have become very expensive and the costs are prohibitive for longer stays. So, why not spare the hotel booking headache this time and board a private room instead. Websites like AirBnB and homeexchange allow you to rent a room in the houses of locals in the city of your choice.

I bet you will definitely have far more rewarding and memorable experience than your usual hotel hospitality.

3. Eat like locals

Eat like locals

Tasting new cuisines and trying new recipes is always fun while traveling. Try out local shops and food streets to taste some amazing and less costly food.

4. Apps can save you a lot


In the era of mobile and technology, the market is flooded with mobile apps for everything from shopping, food joints, rental cars, maps and even torches. Download some of those and you will definitely save money. Check out 20 best travel apps, recommended by skyscanner for travelling light and save good sum of money.

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5. Cheap travel insurance


Buy yourself a cheaper travel insurance, that doesn’t mean buy one with fewer benefits but may be buy a multi-trip travel insurance instead of spot insurance.

6. Travel during low season

low seasons

Traveling during low season is always the best way to experience a place. If you can avoid the rush months, do so, and you will surely treat yourself with the best travel deals at the lowest price.

7. Welcome public transport

local transport

All of us often prefer a private taxi while going out on a holiday. Contrary to this, if you pick local transport to roam around the city, you could see some actually untouched streets, learn the local language and would have a far more rich travel experience by spending considerably less.

8. Discounts


Discounts by age, group and student discounts are very common at most tourist attractions like museums, amusement parks etc. Availing these discounts will definitely please you along with reducing your trip expenditure. Of course, don’t forget to carry your identity card with you .

9. Sign up for deals


Before getting your tickets booked, make sure you check all the deals and take advantage of the best one. At times, last minute deals also fit well into the itinerary, so don’t stop looking for one till the time you are all set for your travel.

Websites like Groupon, Expedia helps you find deals that will definitely cut down your overall cost.

10. Shop at discount stores or Duty free shops

Duty Free shops

Shopping while on a vacation is always an expensive affair as you don’t know the best places to shop from. So the best choice would be shopping at discount stores or even duty free shops located at airports. They might not be the best places to shop from but definitely are your least expensive options.

So next time, while planning your travel keep these simple tips in mind and let us know how much you saved.

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