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15 cool WordPress features you’ll love

WordPress powering more than 24% web is hosting innumerable blogs & sites and is surely world’s most preferred content management system. Till date, many versions of WordPress have been released with millions of features and plug-ins giving enriching and pleasing experience to its users. This modernized CMS is good for both content developers and readers. For developers the interface is easy to decode and modify. On the other hand, clean outlook makes the website or blog eye-catchy and readers find it appealing.

Sensible default settings, fast & light appearance and an extremely customizable core, makes this content management system all the more popular. Easy availability of plug-ins makes the functionality of WordPress limitless. Also, open source code gives one access to modify the code as desired, without any additional fee.

So, if you are confused and have difficulty zeroing on a CMS, then evaluate your CMS on these features. WordPress scores high on all these parameters “

Features of WordPress you’ll love:

1. Simplicity

Simple interface and design makes WordPress easily accessible and preferred. It has been built to enhance your experience of publishing content live in a hassle free manner.

2. Search engine Optimized

WordPress is inherently optimized for search results. In addition, developers have written lot of plugins to make the content all the more readable for search engines.

 3. Built in Comments

Comments are the medium to engage with audiences. Built in comments section of WordPress opens door for discussion and interaction between the founder and audiences of the website.

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4. Scheduling of the post

Schedule of post _WordPress Features

Post scheduling is one of the most loved feature of WordPress. With WordPress, you can set a predetermined date and time for your article to be published. This feature gives you the freedom to make the content live even when you are not connected. Also, you can publish the article at a different time as per the audiences you are targeting.

5. Flexi web design

WordPress offers you the facility of designing any type of website. May it be a blog, a business portal, personal webpage, a news site or any other kind. Easy availability of different themes allow designers to alter the look and feel of the site as per their wish.

Check these stunning WordPress photography themes and alter the way your site looks.

6. Post revisions

Revision_WordPress Features

This is one of the vital feature of a CMS that saves the post each time you make an edition. This integrated feature is very simple and easy to learn. Also, you have the facility to restore the content whenever you feel like.

7. Multi paged Post

WordPress also offers the facility of breaking the article into several pages. This feature makes your webpage appealing to the readers, as breaking the page enhances the experience of readability. Readers finds it more handy and less time consuming to read and thus feel grateful.

8. Visibility of the post

WordPress also allows you to publish the article with 3 different visibility options.

Visibility_WordPress Features

1. Password protected article- Only those users having password can access the article
2. Public article- An article published in this category can be viewed by anyone.
3. Private article- Only registered users can view the article published in this category.

9. Post preview

This amazing feature of WordPress helps you to see the post as it will appear once the article is pushed live. After viewing preview of the article you can make changes in the draft to make it pleasing and unique for your readers. Post preview feature of WordPress helps content developer place images appropriately on the web page, so that they go with the reading flow despite of developing a tingling sensation in reader’s mind as to WHY is this image here.

10. Tracking site stats

Jetpack_WordPress Features

WordPress offers the facility of tracking daily hits on the site. By navigating through Jetpack, you can track how many times different articles are viewed in a day, week or month.

11. Multilingual

WordPress does not restrict you to only English, rather you have the option of publishing content in 70 different languages. So, if you wish to publish article in french, or Japanese or any other language its easy with WordPress.

12. Ease in media management

Add Media_WordPress Features

“Pictures say a thousand words” .

With WordPress it is handy to add media files, may it be an image or a video. Adding alt text, caption and titles of the images is a piece of cake for WordPress users. This feature make the article look good along with increasing its chances of appearing in Google search results.

13. Automatic save feature

If you are using WordPress you need not worry about saving your work, since WordPress automatically saves your work as you type. Your data is secured even if your computer crashes. Even if you make any mistake you have the option of extracting your saved copy and keep going.

14. Comment moderation

Comment_WordPress Features

For all management freaks, WordPress provides an easy moderation of comments. While using WordPress, you have the facility of moderating all the comments before they are displayed on the site or moderating the comments with specific words in them, or comments posted by specific IP’s, or comments with more then certain number of links.

All this is just a matter of click if you are working with WordPress site.

15. Easy import

If your site is hosted on a platform you are not happy with, don’t panic you can flawlessly move that to WordPress. WordPress comes with importers from different sites like tumblr, blogger, typepad etc etc. Hence moving your site from any such platform to WordPress is quite easy.

Over to You

This modernized and smart content management system with these 15 stunning features will definitely enhance your content development experience. It is precisely a good choice for first time content creators along with those already working. Users with advanced needs also find WordPress interesting and availability for numerous plug-ins make it appropriate for them.

So what are you waiting for it you are not a WordPress user, switch to it and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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