wordpress photography theme

15 Stunning WordPress Photography Themes

You maybe a good photographer, but to make people take notice of your work, you need to promote it. In this era of social media and online marketing, what better way to build your reputation than having a website of your own. A site where you can showcase your masterpieces, share stories behind your work or, maybe blog on photography tips. This will not only increase your online reach, in long run it can actually help you win potential clients. Continue reading “15 Stunning WordPress Photography Themes”

best time to publicize on social media

Best time to publicize on social media

If you think actively publicizing on social media will help your business to grow, I must say you are living in a virtual world. Agreed that publicizing on social media increases your market presence. But, not anytime works well. There is a science behind working towards it. It would be beneficial for your business if you post content during specific times. Continue reading “Best time to publicize on social media”

Essential Free Plugins to install with WordPress in 2015

So you decided to start a new blog in 2015 and installed WordPress. But where to go from there? How about starting by installing some of the essential WordPress plugins? Find below a complete list of absolute essential WordPress plugins as well as some good to have WordPress plugins to install in 2015. Continue reading “Essential Free Plugins to install with WordPress in 2015”

avoid lawsuits

5 common mistakes leading to lawsuits against Bloggers

A fresh start, a new beginning (2015) could be even better if you keep track of your online activities. The blogging and social media community is increasingly subject to various mistakes that may lead to serious legal actions. Since blogging is now a trend, bloggers are getting sued for everything, from defamation to invasion to infringement. Data reveals that there are around 106 civil lawsuits against bloggers. Many others have been settled before entering the law houses but not before causing headache to the bloggers. Continue reading “5 common mistakes leading to lawsuits against Bloggers”