2018 Resolutions

4 New Year Resolutions To Make For 2018!

The impending year has many of us pondering upon our life so far. We make resolutions in order to motivate ourselves, to do better. It doesn’t mean our life isn’t successful, but simply that we all wants to be the best.

If you’re still stuck for resolutions though, the following ones may get you started:

1. Clean Eating

We have our keto diet; our low-carb diet; Atkins, paleo, and so on. However, clean eating is one path towards weight loss that can actually work in the long term. Even if you don’t need to lose weight, clean eating can give your body several benefits. This includes looking and feeling younger, better skin, and re-balancing your hormones.

The calories, MSG, and chemicals in processed and packaged foods are just not good for us. White sugar is simply dangerous when taken regularly. Hence, it is high time we decided to do away with these harmful elements in our diet. So here’s to a year of eating better and feeling like a new person!

2. Exercise

This seems like a resolution everyone would make. This year, however, make a firm decision to exercise every day in a doable fashion. There’s no need to take a gym membership and start hours of exercise every day. This year, make a resolution to start any kind of exercise routine, no matter how small.

Download a step-counting app and gradually increase your steps and active minutes every day. Go for a walk in the park on your way home. If all else fails, pull up a 15-20 minute exercise or walking video on YouTube and follow it every day. Slowly but surely, you would build up your energy and stamina towards a longer and more intense exercise routine. This is just as much part of a healthy lifestyle as eating right.

3. Pursuing Interests

If you’re in a regular job, chances are you’re just in it for the consistent salary. Your degree may not reflect your interests, but be more geared towards a respectable career that pays the bills. This phenomenon is more common than we realize.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that we can’t pursue our dreams along with our careers. This year, make a point of doing something just for yourself. Don’t think about the usefulness of your passion or whether it would bring in money. It would interest you and make you happy, and that is something everyone needs in their lives.

This is the year where you would give a little time to what you love doing. Download a book on your phone, keep a real one in your bathroom, and you can restart your reading habit in no time!

A notes app on your phone and a notebook plus pen would do the same for your writing passion. There have been several writers who penned bestsellers along with their busy routine in other aspects of life.

4. Try Something New Alongside Everything

In making the most of the New Year, we should really try to step outside of our comfort zones. This doesn’t have to be too drastic a step. You may even make it relevant to your existing resolutions.

As an example, if you are trying to jump-start your writing habit, you may consider participating in NaNoWriMo. This is an international competition that bucks up writers and motivates them to write together, whether a finished work comes out of the process or not. It may be hard for you to write in this way, but you might end up thanking yourself for this decision!


Making resolutions is a commendable activity, but keeping then is unfortunately rare. So when making your resolution list, keep it short, simple, and, above all, possible to follow!

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