5 benefits of Swimming

Why Swim? And We say why not? Not only is swimming refreshing for mind and body, it is a welcome break from the daily work-office routine. It is a great way to stay fit, healthy and make friends. We all know that it helps burn fat and tone muscles, but it should not just be seen as a exercise but as a hobby and extension to your personality. It teaches you how to hold and control your breath, improves heart rate and blood flow in the body.

5 health benefits of swimming that tells you why exercising IN the water is better that exercising OUT of it:

1) Fun


This one tops the list in our charts. You can either treat it as a exercise or challenge your friend, time your laps, chase, float. There is no end to the fun. Water exercises are playful and you dont have to worry about being serious.  It is relaxing, you can choose how much energy you want to put in it, without all the overheating and jarring. The movements in water are smooth and low impact thus saving you from all the stress and strain.

2) Mental tranquility

Mental tranquility

Swimming gives you a lot of time to spend with yourself. Away from all the noise of the world. Cut out from the TV, and loud blarring music from the music systems. You get to relax mentally while enjoying the workout. You become comfortable with your body and floating gives a sensation of weightlessness and swiftness, which elevates the experience and promotes the feeling of overall well being.

3) Family and Social Benefits

Family and social benefit

It is one outdoor activity which the whole family can enjoy. You can talk, catch up with each other, discuss, share, all while working out and having fun at the same time. It is one activity which be done with members of all age, from toddlers to adults to 100 year old’s. Its safe, enjoyable and social. There are many pools and clubs which you can join. You can even enroll for a club,  or group which practices for triathlons or swimming championshops or organizes workshops. Meet new people who share the same interest and enjoy the fellowship with other people. Check this to know about 10 dazzling swimming pools you won’t believe existed in India.

4) Fitness and Sports

Fitness and sports

If you are the competitive kind or are looking for picking up a new sport, consider swimming. Not only is it a great way to keep in shape, it builds cardiovascular fitness, tones your muscles, improves the physique, builds strength, improves coordination posture. It gives you an all-over body workout, as nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming. You can do it group or alone, with the minimum of equipment and drills and outfit.

5) Therapeutic


Sometimes when you are sick or as people get old, pumping iron in closed indoors, may not seem appealing to many. Also the strain, heavy perspiration, diet and flexibility play a key role in deciding and choosing your next best pick. You can consider swimming as one of the options among-st cycling, yoga etc. It serves as a great way for people with injuries to get a good workout.

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