5 Havcks to combat day to day frustration

5 Hacks to Combat Day to Day Frustration

Are you Feeling frustrated? I know, these days it’s very common gesture felt by people on daily basis. Main reason probably is the day is not going as per your expectation. Hectic daily schedules, tiring and depressing environment, held you back. Luxurious gadgets have reduced the distance between destinations, but still we are very far from one another in actual sense.

Certain limitations, self-imposed barriers and habits drift you away from peace and add to your frustration.In absence of patience, our body, soul and mind is puffed with negative thoughts and we fail to control our emotions and feel frustrated. It all lies in our own hands to break free from this cycle of negativity and handle frustration gracefully.

Here we are sharing with you few hacks to come out from negative state of frustration and proceed towards a healthy lifestyle.

1. Do what you like

Do What you like

Doing activities as per your liking helps you to ward off the frustration that result when one has to do an action out of compulsion. So, do whatever activity you like, be it dancing, painting, shopping, watching movie etc. Also, repetition results into boredom which subsequently cause frustration. Hence, for a balanced heathy stress free living, manage your daily life in a manner that is challenging yet interesting.

2. Write down Your Day to Day Story


Sometimes we just do not feel like performing the daily, regular activities. In such instance, a good practice is to pen down the day on a piece of paper about what you like about the day and what you do not. This will help you draw your emotions on paper and you’ll feel light.

3. Meditation


Believe it or not meditation is a key to release all the negativity energy and infuse positivity into your mind and body. It makes you feel lighter and equips you to handle your emotions more smartly.

4. Drink plenty of water

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water is always good for your health, it not only energies your body but also removes tiredness and sweet cravings, keep skin healthy and energies muscles so that you feel fresh and peppy. So, make sure you drink at least 3-5 Liters of water a day drain all negative vibes from yourself.

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5. Exercise


Exercise is not only about to keeping yourself in shape but, it also helps to exclude your anxiety, depression and of course frustration. Exercising releases hormones in the body responsible for controlling your moods and thereby helps you to combat with frustration. Do read these tips that will help you keep motivated for exercise.

These five hacks will surely help you handle that bad mood and stay energized. However, if you have other means you fight your frustration with do share in the comment section below.

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