5 Indispensable tips to better secure your password

Security is always a concern for each one of us in the online world. With increasing cyber attacks and frauds it has become a necessity that we take appropriate actions to keep ourselves safe and secure. Passwords are the keys that keep our accounts secure from hackers. A strong password protects you from enormous security threats & cyber attracts often made with criminal motives. So, its essential we realize its importance and become aware about what is going wrong and what can be done to overcome it.

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Common mistakes and how to shield yourself

1:  Simple Passwords

Indeed the most common mistake! Prohibit yourself from using nicknames, birth date, age, “qwerty” and the alike as passwords, since these ask for no sweat from the hacker in cracking your password.

Design at least 8 character passwords inclusive of upper-lower case letters, special character, numbers etc. Tools such as “Face Crypts” Password generator allows you to create a password with instant strength and assist your motive of securing your password.

2: Reusing same password

Using same password for different sites is another common mistake giving advantage to hackers.

Make sure to use different passwords for different accounts. Remembering so many passwords won’t be a concern if you have access to certain software that make this exercise a lot more easier and handy.

3: Avoid Dictionary words

Password hacking tools makes it effortless to crack passwords if common slang, keyboard combinations, dictionary words etc. are kept as passwords.

Installing security software like “Face Crypt’s- Face Lock, that comes with “unique face recognition technique” facilitates you to secure personal data with your image.

4: Easy Security Question

Choosing easy security question and giving a direct answer to it is another blunder that may cost you password hack. So be cautious!

Answer security questions such that they are easy for you to remember and hard for others to Guess. You can pick a favorite movie line or nursery rhyme for instance and trick those hackers.

5: Applied Sciences

Contrary to traditional hacking, it involves provoking others to disclose your private info. Hence, do not share your confidential credentials with others.

Services such as Secured browser service gives you complete privacy and thus minimize the risk of password leaking, thereby secure your password in case of using shared systems.

Following these simple tips and tricks will help you keep yourself safe and avoid those security issues. Let us know if you use any other tricks to keep yourself secure.

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