health risks of wearing skinny jeans

5 Reasons why skinny tight jeans are a health risk

Jeans has become such an important a central pair of clothing in our attire and dressing habit, that imagining a wardrobe without a pair of jeans is impossible. Many people swear by the comfort mantra and the cool, casual urban look that it lends to any occasion. The markets are full/abounding with hundreds of shades of blue and lack. However, recent studies and a few reported cases have shown that donning your fav pair of apparel in small fitting sizes could be bad for your health. Also, if you are expecting/pregnant, you should completely avoid fitting jeans and instead opt for loose fitting trousers and pants.

Harmful side effects of wearing tight jeans

health risks of wearing skinny jeans

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1 Tight pant syndrome

Wearing tight Jeans have increased the fear of suffering from tight pant syndrome, a prolonged abdominal pain caused due to your skinny tight pants. Trading off the tight jeans and switching to loose fit trousers, are far better than squeezing yourself in those tight jeans, and struggling with tight pant syndrome. Isn’t it?

2 Numbness

The fashion denim may make you look good but, definitely not make you feel comfortable. Numbness in thigh (meralgia paresthetica) is the most common issue faced by people wearing tight jeans. Ultra-fitted jeans compress outer part of the thigh and injure nerves thereby, causing tingling and numbness. Ouch!

So next time, shop for the pair having some more room in thigh and go comfortable.

3.Urinary tact infection

Sacrificing comfort for style is not a good pick. Opting tight jeans for the sake of appearing beautiful for couple of hours can cause urinary tact infection. It leads to bladder weakness, low sperm count and even fungal infections. Quite dangerous!

So, listen to your body and opt for comfortable clothing instead of following the trend and getting into serious trouble. No body is judging you.

4. Testicular Torsion

Tight fitted jeans with no room to move and relax, often leads to testicular torsion in men. The situation is dangerous to the level that immediate surgery is required for avoiding permanent  damage. Also, wearing tight jeans may lead to infertility. Hence, choose the pants that have plenty of space around groin and save on your hospital bills.

5. Lower Back Pain

Your office chairs, bad postures, rigorous exercises, or an awkward sleeping position need not be blamed every time for your back pain. At times, it is your clothes that causes the pain. Outfits that are too tight or rather too stiff, limit the range of motion, increase stress and strain thereby exposing you to back pain and even internal injuries if overlooked for a longer duration.

Don’t swear off tight fitted jeans altogether, but opt for stretchable ones with a room for you to move freely and breath. Blend fashion with comfort and go trendy without compromising on your health.

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