5 Simple hacks to Finish work faster

5 Simple hacks to finish work faster

In today’s business world people are appreciated for smart work and not hard work. Completing work at a fast pace has become a crucial skill in this business era. So if you are one of those, who cannot leave your seat when clock rings 6 pm, have no time to take extended breaks and works late into the evening even when your colleagues have left, these hacks are for you.

Most of the time, in order to complete the task in a speedy way people often compromise on quality and that is not what is expected. But by following these tricks you can double your speed and definitely the work you end up with will be of high quality.

1. Break the Flow

Break the flow

Break the flow of your day. It certainly does not mean you have to get up every now and than, but taking short breaks after 25-30 mins is apt to enhance your efficiency. These short breaks keep you focused and allows you to complete your work in less time with efficiency.

You can also try Pomodoro techique to manage your time appropriately and still have time for fun.

2. Don’t delay; Do it right now

Dont Delay

Someone has rightly said “tomorrow never comes”. If you want a task done, don’t delay, get it started. Starting an activity gives you a push to get through and you get a boost to complete it.

It is advised that while making a decision to do a work, give yourself only 60 seconds, this will help you take the decision in less time and work towards completing it.

3. Set time frames

Set time frames

The culprit of not finishing the work is PROCRASTINATION. It is the real devil. Often when we start working, we jump into emails, internet or get up and start roaming around thereby, avoiding the task. Stop avoiding, and go for it. Define a time limit to complete that dreadful task and you will find yourself moving towards completing it at a faster pace.

4. Prioritize your work

 Prioritize work

All tasks are not equally important, they all have different priorities. Some are urgent, some are meager and can be done later. Segregate tasks based on their importance and work towards them accordingly. Don’t give much time for completing unimportant task and wrap them in 10-15 mins or even lesser. This gives you extra time which you can spend in other activities.

5. Tune Out

Tune out

It means creating a privacy zone for yourself. Setup a work area for yourself if you work from home. On the other hand, if you are in office use headphones, since people are hesitant in disturbing people wearing earphones and you get to complete your work speedily.

These simple and easy hacks will certainly help you optimally use your time and allow you to complete your work at a faster rate.

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