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5 Amazingly Simple Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

If you know how to play our cards well, you can easily make a lot of money and boost your reputation to gain a bigger following on the Internet. The best thing about the online world is that, it does not limit you in any way and you can reach pretty much anyone from around the globe. Bear in mind that this is no mere feat. You have to distinguish yourself from the rest with rich, unique, and interesting content which appeals to a specific audience. Many people use their blogs to convey messages and promote themselves, so if this is your online trade, too, then here are 5 simple tips to boost your blog traffic…


1. Content editing

Your blog has to be filled with them. A lot! But before you decide how to create and edit it, you have to know that there are many types of content to choose from: infographics, meme, video, guides, reviews, opinion posts or “rants”, lists, how-tos, case studies, interviews, research, Ebooks and podcasts. You can also incorporate custom digital EyeEm graphic art to make the whole online experience more colorful, trendy and appealing.

Whatever your ambitions are, you better aim to create custom content for your blog, because the competition is fierce and the crowd is easily bored primarily due to lack of consistent innovation. Set yourself apart from others by meeting unique requirements and by offering all sorts of interesting audiovisual material (thoughts, facts, ideas, experiences, activities, etc.). Evaluate what are your assets, where do your skills lie, what are you really good at and simply choose the method with which you can share your talents and personal opinions to the world.

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2. Social media

Social Media

It may be the most vital part of boosting your blog traffic because social media are the most visited online places or platforms. This is where practically everybody is hanging out most of the time, no matter if they accessed the Internet via their mobile phone, pads, laptops or computers. As we all know, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and many other websites are the most popular digital places to be, and consequently your chances of reaching out to a wider audience skyrocket when you use them right. Both the biggest and the smallest companies in the world have opened up their accounts on these websites, so if you want your blog to flourish, take social media more seriously. Here is an infographic that will guide you on how to make blog post viral.

3. Sufficient sharing

Once you have developed your blog content, you have to spread it around by sharing. Many of us have the habit to share a post just once and that’s it. Wrong! Whenever you publish something from your blog you have to share each post multiple times, because not everyone is present to see your initial communication. Even if you’ve posted something years ago, reposting it today means that it still matters and holds sway. Sharing your blog content depends both on the platform and timing, but be careful not to overdo it, too. Nothing ticks off potential viewers as much as spamming.

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4. Get help from influential people

They are definitely one of the more credible people to tell you if your blog is worth their time or not. If they consider your work to be perspective, there is a high likelihood that they will contribute. If that happens, you are on a horse. This tactic is focused on reaching out to bloggers and content editors in your niche with a larger social following who are consistently able to write and produce excellent stuff. These people won’t just give you exceptional content for your blog which will be shared and linked, but you will also get access to their distribution channel. If you can get them to do it for free, by all means, let them do it, but if they are in any way reluctant, it is customary to pay them for their services by sharing their content on your site, by linking back to their website from every post they write for you and by giving them free use of your products or services.

Improve your skills

5. Improve your writing skills

You have to excel at what you do because stagnation will clearly get you nowhere. Just like any other trade, no matter if it is in the online world or in the real world, you need to focus on growing and improving yourself. Building a blog audience is hard enough, but keeping them is even more challenging. The content that you create keeps readers coming back for more, so you have to make sure to maintain their interest and loyalty. This is diligent work. If there is any way to better hone your skills, by all means, go for it. Ask for help, ask for apprenticeship, ask for a mentor, read, learn, observe and implement your knowledge.

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