5 Trends That Will Transform the Mobile App Landscape In Future

Mobile app development industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Before you realize, the app development trend you are trying to ride on is gone. If you want succeed in today’s dynamic world of mobile app industry, you should know which trends would reshape the future of mobile app development. Although, it is harder to forecast which trends are here to stay and which trends will be part of history but do not worry because this article will resolve this issue by telling you about five future mobile app development trends that will drive mobile app development industry in the future.

1. Sever less Apps

With the increase in dependence on cloud computing, we will be seeing more and more mobile apps being hosted on the cloud. Do not be surprised to see many sever less apps pop up in near future that fully rely on the power of cloud computing and bypasses the need of physical hardware. This not only saves businesses from the hassle of purchasing expensive hardware but also enhances the accessibility of your mobile app.

2. No or Lesser Code

Creating a mobile app requires programming knowledge and coding skills. What if you do not know programming languages required creating a mobile application? Today, you can create a mobile app without or minimum knowledge of coding. According to Forrester predictions, mobile apps will not be coded as they were in the past but will be composed by mixing and matching APIs. This will enable anyone without any knowledge of coding to compose a mobile app by using a combination of these APIs. Moreover, there would be a big shift in coding approach, as app developers will look to create reactions to changing environments instead of creating objects that talks to one another.

3. App Streaming

After audio streaming and video streaming, welcome to the world of app streaming. Yes, that is not a typo. Mobile app stores and mobile app downloads will be replaced by app streaming. Users can easily access a mobile app without downloading and installing it. Google has also made its intentions clear by announcing Android Instant Apps while Apple has already jumped on the app streaming bandwagon with its On Demand Resources. Although, the concept is still in its initial stages with only 100 apps available for streaming but there number will grow exponentially in couple of years, reaching 100,000 apps by the year 2020. It is a sign of things to come so both app developers and app users will have to adapt accordingly in order to succeed in future.

4. Altered Reality

As the technology trends changes, we will start to see its reflection on mobile application as well. Two of the hottest technology trends that have become buzzwords lately are virtual reality and augmented reality. We might see that trend trickle down to mobile apps. According to research by Goldman Sachs, virtual reality industry will grow rapidly by 2025. We saw glimpses of altered reality in Pokemon Go, which became one of the most popular mobile games by breaking all past records. Although people might treat VR and AR as an offshoot of same technology but there are two different technologies not one. Thanks to the wider adoption of VR, app developers can take advantage of the technology to deliver immersive app experiences to users.

5. Artificial Intelligence

One technology trend that has overshadowed all others is artificial intelligence and is all set to take the mobile app industry by storm. It will change the way we use create mobile apps but more importantly, it has the potential to replace app developers with chatbots. We might see a robot creating a mobile app but according to experts, there is a still a long way to go before that dream could see the light of the day. The pace at which artificial intelligence is evolving and leaving its mark on every domain imaginable is mind blowing. We might see robots substitute mobile app developers very soon. Tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, IBM and Amazon are investing in artificial intelligence and reaping rewards for it.

If you know about any other trend that is set to revolutionize mobile app development industry, then feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

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  1. Wow. Interesting article. The article talks about the trends that will transform the mobile app landscape in future. There are many trends that take place in mobile app development industry and it is growing at a rapid pace. You can read about the five trends that are expected to transform the mobile app landscape in future. Get through the article right from the beginning to the end so that you can understand the trends that may take place in the mobile app landscape.

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