5 Tips to keep you motivated for exercise

5 Tips to keep you motivated for exercise

The new year resolutions, the promises, the pledge to exercise, the agreements with your gym instructor for sticking and following a daily or weekly routine to exercise. All these slowly begins to wear off and the memories of the pact starts to wear away as days pass.

Admit it we all have gone through this face. The daily routine and workout sessions slowly begins to loose it charm and then skipping gym becomes the new regular. Staying motivated is essential to remain fit. We just can’t stress enough on the benefit of fitness which extends beyond the physical territory to the mental and overall well being. You feel good about yourself. Your immune system stays fit and resilient. However the monotonic gym routines makes working out a dreary affair and you find yourself ceding away from it.

Here are 5 ideas to keep you motivated for those exercise sessions:

1. Create a Workout Playlist

workout playlist

We get tired of listening to the same songs in our gyms. The tempo and rhythm is lost and no longer stimulates us. If that’s the case, its time to create a new playlist, include new numbers, hip-hop, punjabis, or whatever is trending on the lists to keep yourself motivated.

2. Find a Gym partner

Seek a partner

If you don’t have one, we recommend you find one soon. It can be your spouse, friend, colleague from work or the guy running next to you on the treadmill. Its a great way to push and encourage yourself. Finding someone who is enthusiastic and energetic and passionate about staying fit.

You can set yourselves a goal, or make a bet and inspire each other to achieve it. Also it helps pumping and pushing heavier than the usual.

3. Change what you are doing

Change your routine

We generally don’t realize it, but the main culprit is the same routine we have been following for months or more. The repetitiveness of the regime and workout sessions makes it boring. Instead switch to new exercises or forms of workout. Like you can try kick boxing for a week, or take a break from gym and go swimming, cycling, jogging, dance, aerobics, yoga, zumba, etc. Doing something new spices up things and you find yourself motivated again for the new workout.

4. Log your activity and workout. Set a goal

Set a Goal

This may seem like a What? But trust me, this helps. When you start skipping the gym, the guilt factor starts kicking in sooner. The mathematics of what you burned in the gym and throughout the day begins to daunt. You set a goal for yourself and you start seeing how you are drifting away from it. Plus as you advance your training, you feel a sense of achievement and jubilant at the progress. The prospect of achieving your goal is stimulating and driving.

5. New workout gear

New Equipments

The wearing gym gloves, the thinning soles of the shoes, fading gym Ts sometimes instigates a sloppy frame of mind. Time to get yourself new gear, new colors. Throw away those grey and black ts, go neon or red or green or orange. It induces excitement and pumps up the mood.

Also reward yourself when you reach a goal. It helps you set new goals and keeps you motivated. You feel a sense of achievement.

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