7 daily hacks all men must know

7 Daily Hacks All Men Must Know

All men at some point of time live alone, without the assistance of mother or wife. For few, it is a golden period of life (free from any kind of female interference) while, for some men it becomes extremely difficult to manage simple tasks like ironing or choosing clothes.

Here, we have gathered few simple tricks from tumblr to help men make their life easier, and hassle free by being creative and resourceful.

1. Perfectly iron your shirt’s collar with the hair Straightener.

Smoothen shirt collar with hair straightener

2. Save your mobile’s battery while travelling in a metro by switching on airplane mode.

Preserve battery life

3. A complete color guide for men to further reduce their dressing time.

Color guide for Men

4. Old cassette case can become your mobile holder.

Reuse cassette case

5. 15 different ways to tie you shoe laces.

15 ways of tying shoe laces

6. Place your clothes vertically in drawers to avoid repeatedly wearing few pairs.

Stack your clothes vertically

7. Another constructive use of nail polish remover.

Remove stains of Tennis Shoes

Try these simple, easy and creative tricks and let share your views in the comments.

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