7 Uavoidable Tips to get a Good Nights sleep

7 Uavoidable tips to get a good nights sleep

Admit it, either you or someone you know often complains of either sleeplessness, tiredness, insomnia, garbled sleep schedule and for some, waking up is a hard job. We all very conveniently blame it on the lifestyle, food habits and the work pressure, and just leave it at that. We solace our body and mind when working late nights through the week, that we will make up for it over the weekend. But is it good? Is the sleep arithmetic that simple, a zero-sum equation? The studies conducted by xxx state otherwise.

For a energetic and fresh start of the day, sleep is absolutely essential and it is vital that you get a good nights sleep. Sleep deprivation can have serious health issues like memory loss, diabetes, obesity and even heart diseases.

Here are 7 tips to help get that quality sleep which will charge you for a bright bumbling day.

1) Keep your bedroom dark, cool and quiet

Stay Cool While sleeping

Ladies and gentlemen move away those TVs, sound systems, and yes that phone too. The mind needs to be at peace and calm to rest and go into a deep sleep. Noises and light takes some effort for the body to get that quality sleep. The brain needs the absence of light and sound to transition into sleep. Also, a room that’s too hot or too cold can both mess with your sleep.

2) Avoid caffeine after the dark

Avoid caffeine after the dark

Cut down on you caffeine intake after it gets dark. Caffeine increases mental alertness and causes trouble for your mind to get relaxed and doze off even after your body says its direct.

3)  Avoid heavy meals during dinner time

Avoid Heavy Meals in Dinner

The body takes time to digest your food, and if you have stuffed yourself with heavy (or deep fried) food, it takes that much longer to digest. Thus avoid heavy, protein-rich food if you are having your dinner late. Opt for something light like salads and fruits.

4) Maintaining a consistent sleep cycle

Consistent sleep cycle

Its difficult for your body to adjust to varying sleep/wake timings. For a healthy, happy life maintaining a consistent sleep cycle is a must. Stick to a routine that suits you and remind your brain to maintain that sleep rhythm.

5) Exercise


Well this habit is the universal panacea for all health related problems. When you exercise your body would demand for its share of sleep, to recharge itself. Choose your pick, cardio, weight training, aerobics, swimming, biking, yoga etc. Even light activity like walking and gardening make a difference.

6) Smoking

Quit Smoking

Tobacco smoke affects the body clock, in the lungs by causing inflammation, and by depressing levels of brain activity, thus preventing you from good quality sleep. As a result, lack of sleep can cause cognitive decline, mood disordersm depression and anxiety. Also, your desire for additional nicotine may cause you to awaken from your sleep. Your best bet, give up smoking.

7) Right mattress size

Mattress Size

There are many misconceptions floating in the market about mattress. However, they are nothing more than marketing gimmick. For a comfortable sleep it is essential to buy a mattress that suits you. Analyzing your sleeping posture, weight, height, any type of sleeping difficulties is indeed important before buying a mattress. Don’t blindly believe those sales man trying to deplete their stock, rather choose the right mattress and treat yourself with sound sleep.

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