8 Mind Blowing Sports than were played in Olympics

#8 Mind Blowing Sports you won’t believe were part of Olympics

Field is all set for athletes and sports lovers, all of us waited eagerly for the grand opening ceremony of Olympics . Print media is stuffed with one or other news piece related to it, may it be about sports or sportsperson or country politics over the event, all of it is hot and appealing. In this hodge-podge of news and rumors related to Olympics, here are few amazingly weird sports that were once part of Olympics but these days they appear only in writing.

1. Tug of War


From 1900 to 1920 i.e for 5 years tug of war was a sport played in Olympics. The game was so much popular that not only India but, many other nations had federation of the sport. Strange but true, the teams were given 5 mins to pull their opponents 6 feets from center line and if none of the team was able to pull that long, the one which pull farther wins.

2. Live Pigeon shooting

Live Pigeon Shooting

This awful sport lasted its appearance for only 1 Olympics games and yet killed 300 birds (as reported ). Later the sport was ruled out of Olympics and of course it was a good decision.

3. Distance Plunging

Distance Plunging

If you like to glide into the pool, this was a sport you could have participated in 1904 St Louis Olympics. The athletes dive into the pool and coasted underwater without moving their limbs for 1 min. The one who drifted farther without drowning used to win the game. Strange, but yep this was it.

4. Croquet


Croquet, very similar to today’s Golf, appeared in Olympics for just one occasion and was the first Olympics game in which women were given a chance to play against men. Only French had the guts to participate in this Worm smashing sport in 1900. The game was perhaps voted out of Olympics since only one spectator payed to witness the event.

5. Hot Air Ballon Race


Ohh Yes! It was in 1900 Paris Games when people did came to witness this race which showed up only once.

6. Climbing the rope

Rope Climbing

This game showed its appearance in 5 games from 1896 to 1932. In this game the athletes were allowed to use only their hands to climb the rope. George Eyser won the game in 1904 Olympics and his victory was incredible since he had one wooden leg.

7. Underwater swimming

Underwater Swimming

Underwater swimming also appeared only once in 1900 Paris Olympics. River Seine was the action ground for swimmers to show their talent in which they were awarded 2 points for every meter (up to 60 mtr) they cover and 1 point for every second they are submerged.

8. Long and High Jump for Horses

High and Long Jump for Horses

1900 Paris Olympics witnessed many games which were not played again. Out of them were, long jump and high jump for Horses. Belgium’s Constant Van Langendonck won the long jump by leaping a distance of 6.10 mtr However, the high jump was won by France’s Dominique Garderes on Canela and Italy’s Gian Giorgio Trissino.

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