8 Top alternatives to Google play store

A digital distribution platform all of us depends upon for downloading the android apps serves as a digital media store, such as Google Play Store. But, there are times when it does not allows you to download the app you wish to install. Reasons can be several, maybe the app is not localized for your region or staged roll outs done by the developer or any other reason for that matter.

In such scenarios wouldn’t it be great if you knew of alternatives that would let you download and install the app of your choice at your disposal. Also, what if  few paid apps are available as free. Yes! few of these alternative offers paid apps for free.

How to install alternatives to Google play

In order to install the alternatives to Google play you have to follow below steps.

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu.
  2. Scroll to “security” option.
  3. Enable “unknown Sources” option and you are done.

So here is the compilation of a few app stores that are a good alternatives to Google play.

1. Amazon app store

Amazon App Store

Amazon of course is the second best store after Google. It distributes the apps into different categories and offers one paid app free of cost everyday. Isn’t it great!

Amazon does not have any web interface and you have to download apk for using it.

2. Mobo Market

Mobo Market

One of the most popular alternative to Google play store is MoboMarket. The store offers broad spectrum of apps including music, applications, games stc. Regular updates make it a sophisticated platform for app download.

3. GetJar


It is a software accessible over web interface and has an official app as well. Although, you can download the apps very easily from here, its not certain that you will get apps compatible for latest android version. In that sense it’s not as useful as others.

4. F-Droid

F Droid

This platform is offered by a NGO called F-Droid Limited. The distinguishing feature of this platform is, it offers liberary of free and open source software.

5. Appbrain


AppBrain will be your first choice in case you are looking for premium apps available free of cost. This app store and web based platform publicizes the app for developers who in turn make their premium apps available for free for a defined time period on Appbrain.

In order to install the app within Appbrain you need to signup. Alternatively it will redirect you to google play from where you can download the app of your choice.

6. Apps lib


This simple to use app store is an exclusive library of Android games and apps. It is linked with PayPal, and devices that does not have Google certification can also download the app from this platform. Filters makes this app store easy for users to find the requisite app from its large library.

7. Aptoid


Another alternative to Google play store is Aptoid. This platform is popular among play store users because, it increases the chances of getting paid apps for free. The design of the app store is as per Google standards however, more number of ads typically compromises its authenticity. It also offers updates for already installed apps.

8. Opera Mobile Store


A well designed app store is also offered by Opera Browser. The catalog it offers is endless but, it can only be accessed via Opera browser. You can easily download the app by simply clicking on the download button.

These 8 app stores can be seen as an alternative to the renowned Google play store and you can download number of apps from this.

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