10 Mobile Apps You Can’t Resist Installing as a WordPress Blogger

With sophistication getting added into today’s mobile devices, it isn’t surprising to find more and more people relying on these hand-held devices for performing even the very small tasks. Even the website owners/bloggers haven’t been unaffected by the growing dependency on smartphones and smart tablets.

So, whether you are a WordPress blogger or own a WordPress powered website, you can leverage mobile app technology to benefit to the fullest. Fortunately, there is a huge collection of mobile apps that have the caliber of making your lives easier by allowing you to save valuable time on performing multiple activities for your WordPress blog/site via your smartphone. So, here’s a round-up of 10 mobile apps you can’t afford to miss for sure.

Must Have Apps for WordPress Bloggers

apps for wordpress bloggers

1. BlogPad Pro

As an iPad only app, BlogPad Pro allows you to manage your multiple WordPress blogs which are already being operated via different user accounts. With this app installed in your smartphone, you can conveniently blog from anywhere, irrespective of being online, offline or in an airplane mode. After getting connected to the internet, you can sync all the changes made offline via a single click. The autosave and conflict management features make you stress-free about losing any of your important posts.

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2. Buffer

Buffer has emerged as one of the most favorite status sharing apps which allow you to share your status message via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. And that’s not all, this iOS/Android app also lets you schedule the status posts. Buffer offers you a simple way of building up an awesome queue of content, followed by sharing the same with your friends and followers.

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3. Writer

If blog writing has been your passion since years and you also own an Android smartphone, then installing the Writer app will serve as your best fit. As a WordPress blogger, this app will offer you a distraction-free writing environment by allowing you to use all the markdowns that are necessary for proper formatting of the write-ups. Some popular markdowns included with Writer are: H1, H2, H3, bold and italics. Also, there are word count and estimated reading time tools which add convenience to the entire blog writing regime.

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4. LastPass Premium

As a commendable password manager app, LastPass Premium allows you to keep all your passwords unique and stronger for your WordPress website. Available for iOS and Android, LastPass Premium is an app which comprises of features including: shared Family Folder, Additional multifactor authentication options, offline access to data via mobile apps, filling app logins on mobile, filling web logins on Opera mobile and Chrome etc.

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5. Pocket

As a passionate WordPress blogger, you might be definitely putting in all your mind and soul into writing posts on different topics of interest. Also, there might be situations when while browsing through articles, you’d want to save some of them to be read at a later point of time. It is the Pocket app which comes as a handy option under such situations. With this app installed on your iOS/Android device, you can easily save full articles along with videos, which can later be retrieved and viewed as per one’s own convenience. One of the most interesting features of this app is that it allows you to read the articles in the offline mode as well.

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6. WordPress

As the name suggests, WordPress is a mobile app specially designed for WordPress website owners. You can use the app for writing blog posts, moderating comments, uploading pictures/videos etc. With this app, you can also avail the flexibility of connecting multiple WordPress websites. Backed by a intuitive user interface, WordPress is available for iPhone and Android enabled devices.

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7. Pingdom

Being a WordPress website owner, it is vital for you to set up a site uptime monitoring service that can alert you each time your site is down. Pingdom is one such brilliant website uptime monitoring app which clearly shows you the accurate status of your website along with all the services that you’ve activated for the same.

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8. BlogPress

As a yet another multi-platform blogging app, BlogPress works well for all iPhones and iPads. Some of the amazing features worth noting for BlogPress include: full post/page editing, local and online drafting, comments management, post scheduling, GEO Location tags, Video integration with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Sharing and many more.

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9. Any.do

If being organized is your way of improving the overall productivity then Any.do is the app for you. With this app, you can create a ‘To Do’ list that can comprise of multiple task lists including recurring activities which need to be scheduled on a regular basis. If you’ve been thinking about working on a new project lately, then the Any.do will allow you to make all the vital inroads for the same. Since this app can be synchronized across multiple devices, you can easily access it from anywhere at anytime. Especially, during team collaboration, To Do lists created using the Any.do app will serve as a great ray of hope.

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10. Hootsuite

If the thought of promoting your WordPress blog/site has been striking your mind every now and then, Hootsuite is the app you can’t afford to miss. With this app, you can conveniently schedule posts, track link stats, auto queue posts and manage all your social media lists in a simple and hassle-free way.

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Final Thoughts

If you’ve been running your WordPress blog/website since long and have got saturated with the idea of spending your entire life in front of your desktop/computer, the above list of mobile apps is what comes to your rescue for sure. Go ahead and install these apps for experiencing a brilliant WordPress journey-away from your computer system.

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