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15 Stunning WordPress Photography Themes

You maybe a good photographer, but to make people take notice of your work, you need to promote it. In this era of social media and online marketing, what better way to build your reputation than having a website of your own. A site where you can showcase your masterpieces, share stories behind your work or, maybe blog on photography tips. This will not only increase your online reach, in long run it can actually help you win potential clients. Continue reading “15 Stunning WordPress Photography Themes”

How to Reduce Image Size for your Blog post

Images are vital for grabbing user attention, breaking up long content as well as for getting your post shared on social media. Images that you download from image sites like Unsplash look amazing but often image file size is quite large as they are of high resolution. Using these images as-is in your blog post can considerably increase your page size and your blog can become slow to load. Continue reading “How to Reduce Image Size for your Blog post”

10 Free Modern & Responsive WordPress themes for Bloggers

While selecting a theme for your blog, you might want to pick a theme with fancy elements but do you really need it? It will just distract people from reading your content. Simple, clean designs tend to deliver a better user experience. Plus your website should also adapt to the size of the user’s screen, be it desktop, tablet or mobile phone to succeed with today’s constantly-connected consumers. Continue reading “10 Free Modern & Responsive WordPress themes for Bloggers”