7 ways to beat the heat this summer

As summers near, some of us tend to loose both cool and hope. Not all of us can afford the luxury of taking the day off from our work and stay indoors in the cozy confines of our houses. Here are our top 7 ways to beat the heat this summer.

1) Replenish your body with lots of liquid  

Drink lot of liquid to replenish your body.

I can’t emphasize the importance of keeping yourself hydrated enough. During summers your body looses water much faster by way of sweating. Drinking water, fruit juices, milk, coconut water will help maintain the water content in the body and keeps your body cool and refreshing.

2) Practice Yoga

Practice Yoga

In summer, people tend to skip gyms and workouts which is not good for your health. An alternate way to exercise can be by doing Yoga. By practicing simple meditation and breathing techniques you can cool off this summer and stay healthy and happy.

3) Avoiding Spicy and Fatty foods

Eat light

Avoid oily and spicy food in summers as it takes longer to digest and puts an extra burden on your stomach. Instead opt for cut fruits salads, vegetable salads, sandwiches, sprouts, etc.

4) Carry umbrella and protect yourself from direct sun

Use Umbrellas

Summer sun can cause sun-burns, heat strokes, fatigue and sweating which causes dehydration. Carrying an umbrella or covering your skin to prevent direct contact with sunlight prevents your body from these strains.

5) Wearing light color clothes

Wear light Color Clothes

Dark color clothes absorb heat and cause the skin to sweat a lot. Wearing light color clothes will reflect the heat. Also, if possible opt for cotton or linen fabric as it absorbs the sweat and prevents rashes and body odor.

6) Stay Cool while you sleep

Stay Cool While sleeping

If your bedroom or sleeping room is not cool, it will be hard to get a good nights sleep. Your body cannot fight heat when you are asleep. And if you don’t get a good nights sleep, you will feel lethargic and run out-of-energy fast the next day.

Here are some easy ways to stay cool at night.

7) Starting up early

Start Up early

Many of us dread the idea of getting out of bed early. But getting up early and starting your day saves you a lot of trouble. You can motor to your office early and beat both the traffic and the heat. Also mornings are cooler than noon or evenings, and with some planning you can get some of your outdoor work done while the sun is not hot.

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