best time to publicize on social media

Best time to publicize on social media

If you think actively publicizing on social media will help your business to grow, I must say you are living in a virtual world. Agreed that publicizing on social media increases your market presence. But, not anytime works well. There is a science behind working towards it. It would be beneficial for your business if you post content during specific times.

best time to publicize on social media

Success is guaranteed if you have the knowledge of time which would lead to highest engagement. So here are few parameters which will help you to determine the best time to target your audience.

Your geographic location makes a difference

People in different geographic locations use social sites at different points of time. As a content marketing enthusiast you should understand the pattern in which people use social media at different locations.

Best time to target audience on different social platforms varies; like the timing of accessibility for United States will be different from that of London or Sydney. The main reason behind this is time zone. Different time zones govern people activities. So, it is important to know the best time for engaging with your audience on the basis of location.

Publish the content when audience is online

You will get best response for your marketing efforts if you post content at the time when your audience is online. Different tools are available in the market which reduce your hassle of tracking the sites for traffic and help you identify the time most of your followers are available. Post your content at those times and face the challenge of handling traffic.

You can read our earlier post to identify if your website is down during the times of heavy traffic.

Post when less content is published

Competition takes away major chunks of your marketing efforts and thereby leads to less engagement despite of huge efforts. Key to handle this situation is to publicize or post content during non- peak hours. This strategy will help you to target larger audience on social media. Non peak hours include late nights or weekends when most companies are not fully functional.

Different timing for different social media platforms

Different social media platforms have different user engagement patterns. In order to increase your user engagement it is mandatory to choose the right time and day to gain maximum reach. Best time to post on Facebook is afternoon between 1-4 PM on any week day. Twitter should be targeted between 1-3 PM from Monday to Thursday.
Similarly LinkedIn is best to be used on 3 days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Also refer to the infographic by Fast Company to know more about the best and worst times to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Finally, any time will become best time, if you have a reader base and followers. For this, it is essential that you engage with users. Don’t wait for them to comment or ask questions, initiate the talk and you will be successful. To maximize your reach, take care of these tips and revert in the comment section if these are beneficial or happen to be useless for you.

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