7 Step Guide to Design Fabulous Images Using Canva

Images have become an integral part of social campaigns, blog posts, online advertisements etc. These visuals help writers to grab audience attention and persuade them towards an action.

In today’s environment, where social media is used for every thing, from introducing and promoting a product to intensively advertising or even increasing online reputation of the company, Images have become an indispensable asset.

So the crux is: designing attractive and optimized images is an absolute requirement for online marketers and writers.

How about you? Don’t you feel the same?

In this post I’ll share with you, how you can easily design stunning graphics and visuals for all type of write ups, without any prior design training. There are numerous tools available to design photos.

Some of the well known tools are:

However, the most widely used tool by both beginners and professionals is Canva. It has thousands of graphic layouts which help you design amazing posters, cover pages, presentations, book covers, brochures etc with minimal efforts.

Canva also offers large number of free images and graphics to chose from. I use this tool to create images for my blog posts, and aren’t they amazing!

In this post, I will show you, how you can create appealing image, for web or print, in 7 simple steps using Canva. Working in Canva is easy due to its ‘Search and Drag’ design, thus saving you the labor and making designing simple.

7 Steps to create Stunning Visuals in Canva

Step 1 : Choose a template

Canva offers hundreds of pre-designed templates which can be used to design graphics. They come with perfect image and text positioning. I generally use presentation template as it serves my purpose.

You are free to choose any and get started. You can also design a canvas of your own size if you are not satisfied with those provided.

Once you have chosen appropriate canvas your next step is to select the layout.

Step 2: Select your layout

Layout is the backbone of design. It helps ensure that your constituent elements are aligned, evenly spread and margins are equally padded. If you have finite time, then Canva has a directory of pre-designed layouts to take away a large portion of your leg-work and help you design attractive, eye catching images.


Canva offers both free and paid layout. You can also choose to create your own layout (or design).

Step 3 : Adding an image

There are numerous images (again both paid and free) to choose from. You can also search through the catalog using keyword search (like tree, computer, etc). You can also add an image to your layout by uploading it from your computer.


Avoid ‘Add New Page CTA button‘ if you are creating only single image.

You can also add effects in your designs using the filters provided in Canva. This can be done by selecting the filter option available after uploading the picture.

Be cautious if you are using downloaded copyrighted images without the owners consent,  such actions may attract lawsuits against you.

Step 4: Play with the image

Once you have added the image it’s all up to you how you want your image to appear. Canva offers you different filters  to add effects to your image to create powerful compositions. Play with your image to suit to the article requirement.

But, don’t over do it. Check this to avoid most common mistakes while designing visuals.

Step 5: Add text to text placeholders

Adding text to image using Canva is easy. If your layout already has a text placeholder, you can double click it and start editing it as per your need. You can also choose to remove the placeholder and add one of your own.


Step 6:  Adding color to your text

You must have noticed that different colors evoke different emotions in reader’s mind.


So fun begins here. You can experiment with different colors and choose your best shot. Canva provides you a rich palette of colors to select one.

You can also add different visual separators to increase visual appeal of your image. Experimenting with such graphics is great fun and helps you showcase your designing skills.

Step 7: The final step (Save and Download)


Once you are satisfied with your creation all you have to do is change the title of your image (click at the top of the page) and wait for a second or so for it to save.


Hit the download button to save the image to your computer. Besides the image will also be saved in your Canva library so that you can make changes to it in future.

With a little time and practice, you will begin to love and see how awesomely simple it is.

It’s Your turn now:

I have shared how you can design the perfect picture.

Now it’s over to you.

Use Canva to design featured images for your blog and let me know. Share your experience of designing visuals in Canva with the world here.

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