How to Claim an Unused Twitter Handle

Twitter is the most used social platform by bloggers and digital content creators to market their content and reach out to large volume of readers. This 140 characters world has grown almost a decade old and thereby it is becoming difficult to grab a desired username. Isn’t it so?

Have you ever thought there could be a method through which you can claim an unused twitter handle?

After reading this post you can also claim an unused twitter handle of your choice and use it professionally.

Many a times the twitter handle you want is already allotted to other user(company). Now what? You either have to add special characters/numbers in the name you choose or have to think of all together a different handle.

Use a simple service like Namevine to check if the twitter handle you want is already in use or free.

But before altering your handle, have you checked if the desired twitter account is active or inactive? I am asking this because there is a possibility that someone has used your desired twitter handle and has been sleeping over it for months. In that case you have a chance to claim that desired twitter handle. Definitely you should have a legitimate reason to ask for one.

What accounts for a legitimate request?

Your request for claiming a twitter handle will be considered as legitimate if the handle you are claiming is inactive for over 6 months or if it is a trademark infringement. Also read twitter’s inactive account policy to have a deep insight on the same.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a legitimate request proceed further, and claim that most desired unused twitter handle.

Steps to be followed

  1. Go to twitter support by clicking on

reporting account for impersonation

With stringent policies enforced by twitter, ensure that you have definite proofs and a valid reason before filing for impersonation. If twitter feels you are misleading it will suspend your account.

  1. Choose the correct option and fill out the form.
  2. Now what? Its Done.. Yes it is done. The twitter support team will contact you in next 48 hours and if you were fortunate enough you will get the glorious email stating the twitter handle is allocated to you.

Other creative alternatives to claim the desired Twitter handle

Purchasing the account from the holder

This is often an option for companies who wish to have a specific twitter handle already awarded to some one else. CNN has resorted to this technique and was authorized by twitter to use it.

Hire the person

Companies also have the option to hire the person with desired twitter handle and use the handle for the company’s social marketing.

After claiming the desired twitter handle it is advised that you use the twitter verification process and stay protected.

Once you are done, carve the 140 characters tweet as desired and spread it globally.

Happy tweeting!

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