The Power of Color in Branding [Infographic]

Color is a powerful element to convey the message without words. Each color stimulates different emotions and has the power to influence our reactions about world around us. According to studies, 85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason for buying a particular product and that brand recognition increases by 80% with color. This shows the influence colors can have over how a brand is perceived by consumers.

Understanding color psychology and what each color stands for therefore becomes essential when it comes to branding, from logo and website design to designing product packaging and advertisements. Right colors can evoke appropriate reactions from users and lead to better website conversions and product sales. In this post we’ve brought an infographic for you that looks at some of the history of colors in brands, the psychological association behind colors and how brands use certain colors to their advantage. Have a look!


Source: Brushstrokes

Color preferences and their meanings are also influenced by cultural differences and gender. For example, women list purple as a top tier color while men do not. It is therefore advisable to research consumer reactions and choose color palettes for your brand according to your target audience. You may find this post on Color Preferences by Gender an interesting and informative read in this context.

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