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Contemporary Yet Ingenious E-commerce Trends To Watch in 2016

With the introduction of new technologies and marketing conventions, the realm of E-commerce is witnessing rapid growth in terms of popularity and growth. With every new business, we get to hear new success stories that inspire aspiring businessman to change their marketing strategies according to the latest trends. Knowing the fact that almost 60% of the population is engaged on mobile devices and it is as important to cater them as it is to start your new business.

A business website which is poorly designed and endows less functionality is surely not going to get its chance to grow in the coming years. This is because the consumers have become more aware and advanced, demanding latest facilities of online shopping. Moreover an idea becomes brilliant if gets executed well, so an e-business can only become a success if it serves exactly the needs of consumers. This can be only done by knowing the latest trends prevalent or some expected trends that are going to influence the conventions of online marketing in near future.

Here Are 5 Major Trends Influencing e-Commerce

1. Mobile Shopping Will Outcast Desktop Shopping

Mobile Shoppee

Mobile commerce is going to be in trend in 2016 and for next few years for the obvious reasons. Significantly almost 2billion consumers are claimed to get smartphone by the end of this year which is certainly a huge number for mobile communications systems to cater. With mobile commerce growing on a steady pace, more and more people are getting engaged to work on smart phones. Seamless checkout option, one-click payment options, live chat support are some of the major improvements introduced to enhance the shopping experience of mobile users. These improvements are already taking mobile commerce to a next level thus generating more loyal customers.

This clearly means the businesses that undermined the process of mobile shopping might end up losing their identity and business reach in the market. In fact the businesses who are already in mobile businesses will need to facilitate seamless shopping experience.

2. Connecting Users Through Platforms Other Than Social Media

For the past few years social media has actively leveraged the conventional marketing strategy by engaging users through their social media accounts. Promotional links were sent to users whenever there was a new buzz or promotion in the market. And now, some special button are introduced on Pinterest and Twitter for marketing and promotional events. Moreover some big E-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce have already installed pre-built Facebook option in their functionality.

Automated marketing

3. Automated Marketing 

Getting automated marketing is going to be in trends for next decade in online marketing. This includes automatic display of discounts, recommended products, promotional mails and much more. A customized mail sent with the help of an automated marketing system will help in informing customers about the new products, discount vouchers and other details based on their shopping history. This would help in improving the customer engagement on your shopping site.

4. Flash Sales Will be on Toll 

Flash Sales

Flash Sales is an old concept served with new strategies. Flash sales are much awaited during festive seasons by online customers to get some extra discounts and offers. This is not a bad concept either as it helps in generating a significant audience of potential customers for a business. These flash sales could last for some weeks, days, hours, and even for seconds sometime. If you own a mobile-friendly business website and know the concept of flash sales, belive this, no one can ever beat you in getting success on this part.

 5. Popups Are Still In The League

Yeah, we all remember the first time popup was introduced and a majority of us hated that introduction. Amid all aversion, Popups seems to have taken a comeback influencing a large number of online customers. So if you are planning to launch a new discount offer or a new service, why not announce it to the world with an attractive popup that flashed everytime a user lands on your page or linked pages.

Nowadays consumers hold high expectations and being a responsible businessman it becomes crucial for you to serve them efficiently. And to materialize this objective you would need professional assistance of an adept web development company. CSSChopper is one such name that is synonymous with trend, the ardent developers of this company are well-equipped and trained with latest technologies that helps in delivering futuristic E-commerce solutions. So if you are serious about moving your business to next level of success, start following and get acquainted with the latest trends of mobile commerce.

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