Important Things to Do with the Content Before Publishing

“Are you sure that your content is ready to be published?” This always is a big question before publishing any content. You spend a lot of time in making the content eye catching and engaging, but, it is disheartening, if despite of tremendous efforts you cannot attract enough readership for your carved content.

So don’t be in hurry. Before hitting “Publish” button ensure that the content is engaging and SEO friendly. This will definitely make a difference to your page ranking.

content-optimization-infographicsSource : Salesforce

Top Content Optimization Tips

1. Search Engine Optimizations

a) Common Variations

Once an author is done with preparing the draft, it is very essential to proofread it, ensuring that it is attractive and engaging. It is done by making certain variations in the content which include: Adding description (if required), Rephrasing the content, Including regional dialect or Making the content emotionally appealing.

Proofreading the content before shipping it to readers makes it free of minute typo errors or even big blunders like lack of cohesion or clarity of thoughts.

b) Research Tools

Companies either optimize or do not focus on keyword optimization. However, the best way is to keep a balance between optimization and non-optimization. It is very difficult to reduce an optimal content at one go, but keyword optimization tools helps blogger to ensure that audience finds the content relevant and interesting. Refer to the infographic above for various research tools used by bloggers for keyword optimization.

c) Brand Specific Insights

For SEO optimization it is also essential that content displayed on the website communicates a definite meaning and matches the need of target audience. Every author has his unique style to putdown his thoughts. But, at times the written matter is completely deviated from what needs to be conveyed. So, to ensure that your content is SEO friendly it should be designed the way it meets company’s goals and objectives.

The On-Page SEO Infographic will help you take your SEO even further for the page content.

2. Open Graph Tags and Twitter Cards

Social sharing is a key for success in today’s digital media. But what if your content is not compatible to social media platforms, your images and meta description are not shown optimally. It is where open graph tags and Twitter cards come into picture. These make the content ready to be shared on social platforms. Although popular social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn have created their own meta tags, open graph tags are recognized by all major platforms and hence makes it easy for your readers to share a piece of your work and increase your reach.

Existing content management systems comes with installable plugins which help bloggers publish their content on different platforms in a richer manner. So, use open graph tags and Twitter cards to make an impact on your audience at different social platforms. Enable twitter cards by yourself following 3 easy steps.

3. Social Media promotion checklist

Once the content is ready and sent across to the publishing team, it is essential that Content title, URL and description or detail are appropriate. Also before publishing the content, you should ensure that time of publishing matches the time of your target audience. Check best time to publicize on social media to catch the audience attention. Giving credit to the author is also very important marketing trick. This motivates the author to promote the content over internet. Also, author’s image brings in credibility and authority to the content being shared.

Done with all the above mentioned tricks? A big YES is a answer that your dish (content) is complete to be served (published). So what are you waiting for? Hit that 7 letter button PUBLISH.

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