Design of your Online Storefront

#4 Unavoidable Tips To Convert Your Website Visitors InTo Customers   

With the rapid growth in the field of information technology, the number of e-commerce websites are persistently increasing. Due to ease of access to the product information, now customers are more informed than ever before, so it is difficult for a business to convert an online website visitor into customer. With the vast availability of choice over internet, now people have more option to choose from.

Here I will discuss some ideas/tips which you can use to enhance visitor engagement on the website and convert them into your customer.

1. Design of your Online Storefront

Design of your Online Storefront

The design of the website plays a major role in engaging the visitor on the website. If the design of the website is not appealing, it will be difficult to keep the visitor on the website for the long time. If the visitor encounter the usability issues on the website, it suddenly switch to other website, so website of a business should be informative, entertaining and easily understandable. Compatibility of the website is another important factor, which help to retain the customer at the website and responsive websites with good landing speed have significantly higher conversion ratio.

2. Placement of Customer Testimonials

Placement of Customer Testimonials

Publishing testimonials on the website can be very helpful in increasing the conversion ratio. Testimonials describing the experience of client with the business, inspire visitor for signup. Many studies validate that the client’s testimonials resulted in increased sales as compared to other website which do not published testimonial on their website. Testimonials must be published on all the pages of the website so that they can influence the decision of visitors.

3. Use of Promotional Videos

Use of Promotional Videos

One of the major problem with websites which have higher bounce rate is that visitor does not feel personal touch when he visits the website. This issue can be diminish by adding engaging videos on the website regarding product or services provided by the company. Inclusion of promotional videos on the website considerably increase the conversion ratio. Videos helps customer in understanding the services of organization in an easiest way and provide an incredible opportunity for business to showcase its products or services.

Previously, video development is a hectic task which require great time and money to be invested, but now there are many online agencies, offering affordable video animation packages.

4. Ride the Wave of Content Marketing

Ride the Wave of Content Marketing

Recent updates by Google in its algorithm, has made content the most important factor in the field of digital marketing. Now you can use content in various ways to gain the benefit and increase the volume of traffic to your website. Distribution of informative content brings huge traffic to the website, but it is also important that content should be developed in a way that it is a source of knowledge for readers and the source of marketing for business.

Implementing these simple tips will surely help you decrease your bounce rate and increase the possibility of converting visitors in to customers.

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  1. Wow, those are actually some great tips here. People might get tired by listening to the ‘content this’, ‘content that’ all the time but the point is that it’s really this important. Great article!

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