5 Points to Remember while Designing Branding Images & Visuals

Visuals are most powerful way to express a message. In the days of short span, the saying “Images speak louder than words” actually holds true. Visuals and images convey the message louder. They stand out and have a higher recall. However, one should follow the following precautions while designing a banner or advertisement to avoid cringy visuals.

Designing Images for Banners & Advertisements

1) Using right fonts

Choosing the right fonts is essential to a banner. It says a lot about the campaign and your product. Visuals create an unsaid image and perception of the brand in the minds of target customers.choose right font for images

Sometimes it’s confusing to choose the right one. Here is a great post on websites where you can learn about the psychology behind fonts to make your choice and to find free fonts for your design.

2) Image size

With the increasing mobile traffic, it is imperative that you have an appropriate size of image when creating posters. Big images take long to load, and the user may be tempted to bounce from your page. My previous post on bounce rate will help you to understand and control your bounce rate.

One should also consider that low pixel quality images are a big turn-off. Size and resolution needs to be tested on various resolutions and devices sizes to figure out the best one.

Check this to read more about tools and sites to reduce big images.

3) Alignment of the elements on your banner

It’s important to have an alignment and order to elements (fonts, text, bullets, images) in your image. Skewed images are not visually pleasing to the eyes. It devalues the visual. Most image editors have rulers and scales to aid you with alignment.

Wrong Alignment


Correct Alignment


4) Avoid using Multiple font styles

Using too many fonts in your images, conveys that you are filling up for content and creativity. An amateurish folly is to use multiple font styles. The outcome however is devastating in most cases, it causes distraction in the minds of your audience. See this infographic to Learn how to make great font combinations in your design.

Avoid_multiple_fonts - Copy

5) Image alignment and Sizing

It happens a lot more often. We care to admit that in the hurry of moment, we tend to use images provided to us (at our disposal) as is. We try to retrofit them in our banners. Like people, we should give images room to adjust and fall. Disaster falls when we try to stretch and skew them. Re-size (crop) them appropriately while maintaining the aspect ratio, such that the theme and essence of the image is not disturbed.


Do you agree or disagree with my list? Any other words you would like to add? Feel free to share.

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