How to Display Tweets in your WordPress Post

Quoting tweets in a blog post is a common practice and you may have seen embedded tweets in many blog posts and news articles. In this post, let’s see how easily we can include a tweet and display it in a WordPress blog post. You won’t even need to play with any kind of embed code for doing this. All that is required is having access to the Tweet URL. I have included screenshots for illustration wherever necessary.

Embeded Tweet Example

Before we jump on to see how it’s done, let us see a tweet embedded in this very post for demonstration. Later on, I will show how I included this tweet in my post from the comfort of my WordPress Visual Editor.

You can see, how the image attachment with the tweet also got included in the tweet that we included in the post above. Also there is an option to Retweet, Reply or Favorite this embedded tweet.

How to Embed Tweet in WordPress Post?

Including a tweet in your WordPress post is very easy and can be done by just pasting the link to the tweet in your WordPress Visual editor. Find below a complete step by step walkthrough of how to get the tweet URL and include it in your post.

1. Find & Copy URL of Tweet to Embed

In order to embed a tweet in our WordPress post, we need to find its URL first. This can easily be done by opening Twitter in your favorite browser and finding the tweet that you want to embed. Once, you have the tweet that you want to include in your post, click on its date to open the Tweet URL as shown in screenshots below.

Find Tweet to Embed and Click on its date


After clicking on the Tweet’s date, you will notice that this Tweet gets opened in your browser in a larger view. Notice the URL in your browser change to the URL of the Tweet. It will be something similar to the URL below.

Copy the URL of your Tweet from your browser’s address bar as shown in screenshot below. (Note: Do not copy the URL above. It’s just an example. You will need the URL shown by your browser window as shown below.)

Copy Tweet URL from Address bar


2. Paste Tweet URL in WordPress Visual Editor

Once we have copied the tweet URL, all we need to do is paste it at the location where we want it to appear in our WordPress Visual Editor.

Paste Tweet at desired location in Editor

After pasting the Tweet URL, WordPress Visual editor will begin importing the tweet in your post and will soon show you the preview of the tweet right inside the Editor as an embedded content (see below). Selecting the embedded tweet will give you additional options for editing and deleting the Tweet.

Embedded Tweet with editing option

You can select the Tweet embed and click on edit button (pencil icon) to change the URL of tweet, in case you accidently selected the wrong tweet.

Editing the Embeded Tweet URL

As it is evident from the screenshot above, another way of inserting a tweet in your post is by going to the “Insert” menu option in your Editor and then selecting “Add Media” and then choosing the “Insert from URL” option. However it is much more convenient to just paste the URL at the desired location in your editor and let WordPress do the importing.

Using the steps above you can include multiple tweets also in your post. Note that this tutorial has been written for the latest version of WordPress and is much easier to follow than others. WordPress introduced the preview of Embedded Tweets in your Visual Editor from Version 4.0. In case you don’t see preview of tweet in your editor then you may be using an older version of WordPress and would need to update.

Let me know if you face any issues in following this tutorial on how to embed tweets in WordPress post, and I will be happy to assist as much as possible. Similar to the steps explained here for embedding tweets, you can also embed media from other sites such as YouTube Videos in your posts. You can find a complete list of sites on WordPress Codex from which you can embed into your Post.

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