Enable Twitter Cards (view summary) for your WordPress blog

If your blog is running on WordPress then in just 3 easy steps you can enable Twitter Cards, which will allow tweets containing links from your blog to display rich media (title, post summary and featured image) like shown below.

When you enable Twitter Cards, any links shared by others from your blog, will automatically include your Twitter handle. For e.g. in the above tweet shared by @parag_a, we can see twitter handle of @SuperDevRes42 included as source.

Steps to enable Twitter Cards

1. Install WordPress SEO by Yoast

There are many other plugins which can do this job, however I recommend using WordPress SEO by Yoast as it makes itself useful in more than one way.

2. Enable Twitter card Meta data

Once the plugin is installed, enable Twitter card meta data in SEO → Social. Also specify the Twitter Username which you want to be included as source (personal twitter handle for personal blogs, publisher’s twitter handle for multi-authored blogs).

Also specify the type of card you want to appear in Twitter stream for your blog. For our blog, I have chosen the “Summary” card view. You can also use “Summary with Large Images” here.

Save Changes once you are done.

enable twitter cards wordpress

Additionally, for multi-authored blogs, authors should set their twitter handle in their user profile.

3. Validate your content with Twitter

This is an important step and unless you do so, the summary won’t appear. As a website owner you must opt-in to have cards displayed for your domain, and Twitter must approve the integration.

Go to Twitter Card Validator and login with your twitter account.

Enter URL of one of the posts from your blog into the Card URL field and hit GO.

Twitter will do its verification of tags and display the tags it found. Furthermore it will display that your domain is not yet approved and give you an option to “Request Approval”. Hit on the “Request Approval” button, then fill and submit the form that appears next.


After you submit the form, Twitter displays a message that says that they will review your request and to expect a few weeks turn-around time. However, in my case, the approval was instant.

Once you receive a mail from Twitter confirming the activation of Twitter Cards, tweets containing links from your blog will include the rich media with them. 🙂

Hope this helps in improving your social media engagement! Let me know in comments in case you face any difficulty in setting this up.

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