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#10 Essential Content Tools And Resources For Busy Site Owners

Creating a website or blog does not happen with one simple click. The process requires ample amounts of research, image collecting and structure outlining, as well as top-notch writing and editing skills.

And in a world of search engine optimization, there can be an overwhelming amount of extra details to consider. Keywords, links, key phrases and word count are just a few topics of concern for professional content writers.

Fortunately, blogging has evolved over the years and it no longer has to be such a daunting challenge. Thanks to technology and the World Wide Web, there are now countless resources to help simplify the process. Beginners should review the following list of tools (in various respective categories) to start boosting their creation process today.


Resesarch Tools

1. Pocket

This fun and attractive app allows users to save online material directly from a browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite. And if it’s in your “pocket”, then it’s on your computer or mobile device (no Internet connection necessary).

2. TrailMix

This Firefox add-on feature allows users to drag and drop items such as images and links right into the sidebar for saving. The tool creates a seamless web-based research experience for any type of content or subject matter.



3. Windows Live Writer

The Live Writer from Windows makes web article and blog creations simple and easy. Users can easily add and edit images, text and videos and publish directly to most blogging platforms.

4. Veeeb

This text editor semantically analyzes text and provides writers with significant material from outside sources like YouTube and Flickr. The tool displays basic information about these concepts and offers the ability to drag and drop media or even export to PowerPoint and Word.


Content Tools

5. Help.Plagtracker

No site should be publishing plagiarized or stolen content. You need to produce unique articles, or you chance ruining your reputation and ultimate success. Use Plagtracker’s checking algorithm to be 100% sure your content is always original.


If writers are struggling with content creation, then they should head to Essaymama’s writing service to receive expert assistance or advice. Their writers can help with topic creations, structure issues, proofreading and more. And their blog is chock full of handy inspiration.


Mobility Tools

7. Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent and safe way to organize your sites documents and images. Users can write, edit and collaborate from any location by simply signing in with their Google username and address.

8. Dragon Dictation

This transcription tool is excellent for taking notes and organizing ideas while on the go. Busy sites will need to keep their ideas constantly flowing. Use Dragon to be sure new concepts are never forgotten and to effectively communicate while traveling.



9. Fireshot

This screenshot capture tool allows content creators to take web page images and add text, quick edits or save as a PDF and JPEG files. Users can send files via email, export, print or share online to create a more productive creation process.

10. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot not only permanently stores and arranges your web page captures by project, it also provides useful feedback on your designs. Share information and images with coworkers and enhance your project communication.

Each one of the tools listed above will guide your work to generate more traffic, gain more authority in your niche and help build revenue for your blog or site. It’s a lot of work, and in order to be successful you will need a clear vision. Find your target audience and use these resources to better communicate your site’s mission and maintain focus.

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