Facebook dropped its like and share feature relevance

Facebook changed its likes and share feature relevance

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1000+likes, 200+shares. Its would be no more amazing and overwhelming after the new updated API being pushed by Facebook. It is altering its definition of “cost per click” to make it more suitable fore advertisers. The likes and shares on the social media suggest how popular the content is, and how many people are engaging with it. However, it is also true that many a times people coincidentally click that like button, even if they don’t find the content enticing. Such practices apparently makes it difficult for marketers and advertisers to measure the success of their ads and campaigns. Thus, facebook has decided to give-up on the likes and share while considering their Cost per click measurement.

The new algorithm of the social media giant will count the clicks that would lead to sources outside Facebook, redirecting to an app or to other domain and like shares and comments would be dropped. With this, although the like and share button will not hold same relevance as today but, would definitely communicate what interests people thus, not making likes and shares completely futile.

Now to What happens next

At present, every activity (like, comment, share, continue reading) on the ad being posted is considered in CPC. However, now onwards activities such as “Clicks to view videos on another website”, “Clicks to install an app”, “Call to action clicks”, “click to view the page on another website”, will be valued thereby, separating links clicks from engagement clicks.

This update would definitely help advertisers better optimize their campaigns and objectives.

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