The 2 Hidden Facebook messenger games

The 2 Hidden Games in Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most popular social media site and we all love spending a few minutes of our time daily there. In fact according to this story on New York Times, we spend close to an hour on Facebook. Uploading pictures, posting status updates, socializing and networking, following where our friends have been, your reading/fitness group activity and schedules, and a lot more is read, shared, discussed and followed.

After the launch of Facebook messenger chatting with friends has become all the more easy since we don’t need to log in to our FB account but can simply ‘poke’ them on our mobile. The colorful and cheery emoji’s are what we all use every now and then to say just about anything. Sad, happy, angry, excited and many more…. large pool of emoji’s has it all. After the Dianasour game of Chrome (that can be played when you are offline), Facebook has also launched 2 games which can be played straight inside the messenger app of your mobile phones.

1. Basketball

This is the first game launched by Facebook giving you the pleasure of playing basketball on your finger tips. This FREE basketball game gained popularity like fire and within the short span of 1 week of its launch millions of users have played it. This #MessengerMadness is played secretly between you and your friend.

basketball_facebook messenger game

To start the game, locate the basketball emoji and send it to your friend and tap it to start the game. You’ll see the ring and your basketball, all you have to do is swipe the ball and toss it to the basket. This way you can challenge your friend and see who scores more. As the game progress it becomes tough with the basket moving.

2. Soccer

Another interesting game which you can play on your Facebook messenger is with football emoji. This #Euro2016 season enjoy football with your friends. You can start the game in the same way as basketball, send the football emoji to your friend and click on it.


This game however has a different goal, instead of shooting it past opponents into a goal post, you have to keep the ball in air as long as possible. #KeepUpChallenge is harder than scoring the basket.

So update your messenger and keep tapping your screens. Get in action and share your scores.

Happy gaming!!

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