Instagram Exhibition 2016

First ever Instagram Exhibition of India

Instagram is a great platform to share images and get appreciation. It is used by millions of users to showcase their work. The popularity of the platform has been so widespread that first of its kind Indian Instagram exhibition took place in Kolkata. It took the images a long way, from the screens of mobile phones to the walls of an exhibition hall. If you have a hidden photographer in you check these FREE travel photo apps and treat the photographer in you.

The exhibition which was organised from 7th to 9th of January displayed pictures captured by local instagrammers of Kolkata. 2014 was the year when first such exhibition was held in Phoville, New York. But for India this was the first instance. This community centric exhibition featured images of landscape, food, architecture etc.

As disclosed by TOI 15 different pictures were displayed in the exhibition. From around 5000 odd members of Calcutta instagrammers, 2000 handles on which pictures were posted regularly were scrutinized and contacted via social media, said Somya Shankar Ghosha, a city photographer. Follow these tips to enhance your pictures using Pixlr.

Derek O’brien inaugurated the exhibition and was excited about it as mentioned in TOI. The exhibition also suggests that Indian Instagram community has an inclination towards showing the nuances via mobile apps.

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Below are few pictures displayed in the exhibition.

Sammyabrata Mullick

Source: Sammyabrata Mullick

Arpita Pramanick

Source: Arpita Pramanick

Anindito Mukherjee

Source: Anindito Mukherjee

Niladri Adikary

Source: Niladri Adikary

Arghya Chatterjee

Source: Arghya Chatterjee

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