Five Upheld Strategies to Boost the App Downloads

Five Upheld Strategies to Boost the App Downloads

According to Fisku resources, in November 2015, cost of install for iOS increased from $1.10 to $1.54 i.e. 40 percent, while Android increased from $1.13 to $2.27 i.e. 101 percent over the year. As the cost of install unfailingly rising per year, app publishers have to be creative with the marketing efforts. Whenever you launch own apps or for the clients, there are five upheld strategies which can boost the app downloads.

Strategies to boost the app downloads

1. Optimization for App store

App Store Optimization

There are the two important sections (in-app purchases and reviews) of the app store listing page, which is usually overlooked by publisher, they can definitely increase apps downloads. The words posted by users in reviews section and in-app purchases of app stores are frequently indexed by iOS and Google Play store. By targeting relevant keywords in these areas you get rise in app downloads.

2. Feature Hack App store

This strategy is seldom used by developers or app marketers, but can really help to get featured by Apple. To get featured on apple store, it is necessary to analyze what apple want to look in the app. Developers can also mail apple to promote their apps.  Though Apple have “app store managers” for every individual category, you can use a LinkedIn search to find “app store manager,” and thereby find the right person to contact at Apple.

3. Promote your App Locally

Promote app locally

There are several regions listed in App Stores, and every country has its specific app preferences, according to locations. People usually think that users only search in English, but actually many users search app stores in native languages. If your app is customized for any specific region, you should also localize the app in common languages.

Localization of mobile apps increase downloads in those countries where it have no earlier exposure. When the app start downloads for any particular language, Apps stores start translating your app description in that language and also the content of the app.

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4. Paid-To-Free Campaign

You can run this campaign and can get hundreds of downloads. If you have not use a paid-to-free campaign, you can get paid app for free for two days.

If you already have a free app, you should make in-app purchases, but it should be of non-consumable type, which does not expire or decrease with the usage. It is also important to get media exposure to make the campaign successful.

5. Make Exclusive Strategy for App Promotion

Exclusive strategy for App promotion

Adopting exclusive strategy of public relation allows to get coverage on top site like Mashable, Social Times and Techcrunch. Top sites like to be exclusive, by showing that they have write about the latest announcement, which mostly leads to further top websites mentioning it as the source of information. It’s an excellent strategy, because it provides quality backlinks and massive traffic. You can get the most by this strategy. You must start promotion around two weeks earlier the launch and contact top publication, but one at a time and follow it, if you do not receive any response, you should move to another publication.

The above strategies will definitely help you to boost the download of your app. Do let us know how you find them.

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