5 Flat Belly exercises

5 Easy To Do Workouts For A Flat Belly

5 Flat Belly exercises

Everyone wishes to have a flat six pack abdomen. An effective “Abs” or abdomen exercises regimen is not “hard”, but demands a disciplined routine which will help ‘burn’ that excess belly fat faster.

Here are five workouts that target the muscles around your belly and will help you shed that excess calories gripping your stomach.

1) Running


Image Courtesy: Kyle Cassidy

The simplest and most effective exercise to shed that fat around your belly is running. Running increases the metabolism in your body and helps you melt that pouch around your waist easily. Plus you don’t need any extra gear except for a good pair of running shoes.

2) Cable rotation

Stand holding a cable with both hands out in front of you at just under shoulder height. Keeping your arms fixed and straight, rotate your upper body to the left, then back to center, and then to the right, and then back to center.

You will soon began to notice a firm and toned belly as you bring this workout regime to your gym routine. Click here for how to do this one.



The traditional plank exercise is another no frill exercise that targets the core, as well as the abs. Start with placing your forearms on a mat and keep your body weight perfectly straight. For adding more vigor and fun element to this routine you can do a Spider Man Plank Crunch, Side plank and other variations.


Image Courtesy: Jaykayfit

Read more about them here.

4) Crunch

Crunches target your abs directly like no other exercise. It feels pretty tiring if you are just starting out, but it only gets better with time. As you bring this workout into routine you will start feeling its effect on your tummy more visibly.

Again you can add variations like Vertical Leg crunches to variety.

5) Teaser


Lie on your back with knees bent to 90-degree angles and feet lifted in the air and your arms back over your head in stretched position. As you inhale tighten your abs. Exhale and bring your arms forward, straightening legs so your body forms a V.

Take the help of your gym instructor to get the posture correct, and take their advice on how to include it in your weekly exercise routine. They will be able to guide you with the number of sets to do depending your level of fitness.

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