blogging mistakes

10 most frequent Blogging Mistakes

People these days are more inclined towards gaining visibility through various social media options available. Blogging is a most used tool to become visible among large pool of people using internet to showcase their skills.

blogging mistakes

We all live in a world loaded with information. Information was scarce resource in 90’s, but in present scenario, time is the most scarce resource. Now, with deep penetration, easy access to internet and thanks to mobiles and tablets, looking for information is just a few clicks (touch/flicks) away.

But the big question is how to put the information/knowledge in a structured/ordered way so that it is not elusive and can be located in fractions of second. The need of hour is to write a blog which leaves an impression in the mind of readers within fraction of seconds. An easy way to do this is avoid the following most frequent blogging mistakes. They waste readers time, discredit the blogs authority and route the traffic to other blog posts.

Blogging Mistakes

Avoiding these blogging mistakes will help you increase your blog’s readership.

1. Complex writing style

It is believed by many bloggers that writing in complex and sophisticated language symbolizes perfection. Though other way round is true while writing a blog. Simple and attractive writing style attracts more audience. Explaining complex topics in simple manner or through short stories builds a reader’s interest. So next time while you blog, use simple language and attract large audience.

2. Inconsistency

One of the biggest blogging mistakes is inconsistent writing. A blogger should write and publish content regularly.

Blogging when you have something to say makes sense; however, this leads to uncertainty in posting. Unless a blogger complies to a blogging schedule, he would skip writing frequently stating ” I don’t have anything to share”. Hence, over a period of time the frequency of publishing drops.

This reduces the number of blog visitors. When you start blogging, make a schedule for yourself and adhere to it.

3. Prefer Quantity over quality

You need to be consistent while blogging. Focusing only on quantity and ignoring quality of content is another blogging mistake. Bloggers should maintain perfect balance between Quality and number of posts being published. Too many bad quality posts published in less time leads to a perception among readers that blog is being written from search engine perspective and is not focused on quality.

Thus, Quality and consistency are keys to a popular blog.

4. Not revealing your identity

Another blogging mistake people do is posting blog as Anonymous person. It is essential that a blogger reveals his identity and not hides behind his blog’s content. Readers are not only searching for quality content but wish to connect with people of similar mindset. Revealing identity gives the reader a reason to follow your blog. Hence, stop thinking ‘content is more important than you’. Connect with people and increase your fan following.

5. Self Indulgence

Blog is not your AUTOBIOGRAPHY. It is a medium to share opinion and ideas. Do not write a blog around yourself. Readers want to know your personality but are not interested in your personal life. Writing about personal experiences should be limited to a point that adds value to the blog and increases reader’s productivity.

6. Not building authority

If you are not concerned about your credibility and authority, you are not noticed. Online authority can be built by publishing quality content, linking with other bloggers and using social platform appropriately. Authoritative bloggers attract attention of people, thereby popularizing their blog. Your authority is directly proportional to your perseverance. Develop an authority for yourself and readers will look forward to read you.

7. Not Giving importance to Search Engine optimization

Blogging will not yield desired results till SEO is not used. It is essential that Search engine optimization techniques are taken care of while writing the blog post. Blogger should include keywords, images and other SEO techniques to increase the visibility of web page. If you want to become a successful blogger, ensure your post is SEO friendly.

8. Typo and grammatical errors

Blog post should be free from typo and grammatical errors. Writing in hurry leads to typos and grammatical errors. Writing grammatically incorrect sentence or typo errors can cost a blogger huge traffic (and/or money). It affects blog’s readership. Also grammatical and typo errors in a blog post results in low visibility on Google search.

Take time and write a error free blog.

9. Not connecting with readers

A frequent blogging mistake done by many bloggers is, not responding to readers’ comments. It is required that blogger should communicate with readers by responding to their views and comments. This keeps the readers engaged and thereby helps the blogger develop a healthy relationship with his readers.

However, it is not possible to respond to each comment but replying on few is also appreciated by readers. It gives an acknowledgement to the commenter. Next time you post a blog, remain connected with your readers.

10. Stale Conclusion

It is an easy blogging mistake made by many bloggers. Introduction and conclusion are most important sections of any write-up. They attract utmost attention of readers. Giving an uncertain, uninspiring conclusion diminishes the delight of entire reading. A stale conclusion is not welcomed by readers. They wish to read a conclusion which motivates and inspires them. So, at the end write a definite conclusion to your blog.

By avoiding these simple blogging mistakes you can sculpt a beautiful, structured and engaging blog post. An error free blog will reach the desired audience and appreciated, thereby, building repute for yourself and your blog.

Happy blogging!

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