7 Secrets to Get Traffic Without Relying on Google

Internet is an ever changing environment. It is never stagnant, thus making it an evolving and volatile space for bloggers and content marketers. They have to be on their toes for engaging with their customers and attract traffic to their websites or blogs.

You also rely on Google for getting traffic? Right.

Pretty much all online businesses do.

Don’t you feel, despite of all the efforts to optimize your website to be displayed by Google it is highly risky?

I believe so.

People invested so much time and energy in SEO but all that would go in vain and become futile overnight once Google updates or changes its algorithm. This has happened in past with Penguin and Panda updates.

And Now:

On 21st April it has announced to change its algorithm again. This update would give higher ranking to the websites which are Mobile friendly.

With this it just clicked my mind is your website mobile friendly? Check how to make mobile optimized websites and act upon to hit the top ranking by Google.

Having been said so, I think the best SEO strategy is the one which is not controlled by Google.

What do your think?

Relying only on Google search to drive traffic in current online conditions is not the meaningful business strategy at all.

So, in this post I’ll share with you certain tried and tested strategies that will help you increase your website traffic without solely depending on Google.

7 Secrets to get Traffic


1. Commenting on blog

This is one of the easiest method to drive traffic for your website/blog. However, it is generally left out because people are unable to engage in healthy and quality conversation. Despite, they leave comments like Nice post, Good article etc. which do not persuade one to talk further and make a meaningful blog conversation.

So, if you want to attract more visitors to your website through this technique leave quality comments instead of spamming the blog with “thank you” type comments or pasting a link of your article.

Engage with your reader and they will bring traffic to your site.

2. Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs is a popular technique used by bloggers and website owners to drive online traffic through referrals. However, for this technique to be successful it is essential that you have quality content on your website.

Best part of affiliate links is you need not abide by Google’s terms of services. You just have to ensure that link is a no follow link and FTC guidelines are followed.

What more!

Once you ensure this you are free to add affiliates to your site and generate heavy traffic.

Check this post to get notified if your site is down during large number of visitors coming to your pages.

3. Resource List

Including resource list to the blog or website helps you to drive large number of visitors to your site and hence generate traffic. Resource list is a cumulative traffic source.

The main idea behind this is to create valuable content which people search and would find useful to refer to friends and acquaintances. This in turn generates traffic for the website or blog.

4. Freebies

Providing freebies on the website or blog post also helps people to attract visitors to the website. This is a straightforward means to generate blog traffic. However, you have to ensure that the freebies you are providing to your audience is useful and people have a reason to talk about it.

Your audience should feel the need to promote it so that traffic can be generated. These freebies may also buy precious back-links for you website or blog on authoritative websites.

If you have the right list of freebies to offer it will definitely work.

5. Social media marketing

Social media is the most approachable platform for attracting traffic to your website or blog. It is a no brainer thing, which any one can use without any specific training and grow audience to a large extent.

Success with social media lies with attractive headlines, quality content, connections and appropriate timing to engage with target audience. Actively promoting content over social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon etc drive tremendous traffic to the website or blog.

Fun, images and creativity are must to solve the puzzle of social media successfully.

6. Knitting the Web

This is a method through which you can leverage the reach of other bloggers and marketers.

You might be wondering:

This is done by engaging with other marketers and bloggers in a cross promotional activity. The marketers and bloggers get authentic back link and wider readership through involving into such interactions.

This is very similar to going for a party full of unknown people and developing a web of friends by the time you leave.

Beneficial for all.

7. Q&A

Engaging with the visitors through Q&A also grows traffic for your website or blog. This is an easiest way to chime in with the audience and grow your page’s rank.

A good feed reader is must to have for an enriched Q&A experience. This helps you to actively engage with your audience and thereby generate higher traffic.

This is also a trick to identify new blogging topics and increase your blog post numbers without much research.

Remember creating traffic is one thing and maintaining is another. Through these simple secrets you can increase traffic to your site without Google’s assistance.

What do you think? Share your views in comment section.

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