How to make your blog post viral

How to make your blog post viral (infographics)

Blog is a discussion or an informative article that helps readers enrich their knowledge and cherish a healthy reading experience. Initially blogs were written by non programmers to communicate with people across the globe and share opinions and experiences. However, with time the pattern of blogging has changed from writing about the interest, to choosing a primary theme and occasionally deviating from it, to sticking to one theme.

How to make your blog post viral

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Checkpoints to make your blog post viral

1. Headline

Catchy title attract 30% more traffic to your blog and persuade people to share it within there network. It has been observed that titles which include numbers, power keywords or a negative words attract more shares across social media.

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2. Make it easy to share

Social sharing buttons makes it easy for visitors to share the content within their social group. These buttons should be placed at a location that can be easily located by users. Also, using floating share buttons increase share count tremendously.

3. Optimized Post

The blog post should be optimized for both social platforms as well as organic search (Google search) to increase the reach. Using twitter cards, open graph data, appropriate title, meta description and of course relevant and engaging content contributes towards a viral blog post.

4. Images are the Key

Stunning images always drive higher user engagement than an article with no images. With the introduction of Instagram and Pinterest, images have further gain importance from social sharing point of view. Hence, in order to increase the share count of the article by 100 times it is essential that images are Pinterest and Instagram friendly.

Different image tools such as Canva, etc helps to create stunning images that attract more traffic and increase share count.

5. Content Sharing

One of the key to make the blog post viral is sharing it over social platforms. But, keep a check on the best time to share the article over social media, it surely affect engagement. There are different tools such as Tweetdeck, buffer, Houitsuit etc to schedule your articles over social media.

Also sharing random articles manually helps in increasing site traffic and making  content viral. Sharing articles to various communities, email list, influence groups etc also increase the share count. 80:20 rule of content sharing is a key to become popular in social world.

6. Outreaching

Outreaching target audience via different methods facilitates the site owner to make the content viral. Different ways to outreach include tools like Buzzstream, finding influencers and playing with hashtags and searching twitter for trending. This is a proven technique used by content marketers to make the content viral.

7. Monitoring results

After so many efforts, it is essential to monitor the results. Different tools such as Google URL builder, Google analytic, Kissmetrics analytic etc will definitely help you to find the content which is getting more hits. Based on the analysis further articles can be constructed.

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