Weekly schedule of the Big Bang Theory gang

The weekly routine of the Big Bang Theory gang

I know, I know, Wednesday is here and you are glad you are halfway through the week and already waiting for the weekend. But hey, who said having a fixed weekly routine has to be boring? Here’s some inspiration from Sheldon and the boys at The Big Bang Theory.

1. Thai Mondays

Thai Mondays

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Oatmeal for breakfast. Thai takeout for dinner. Sheldon orders Mee krob and chicken satay with extra peanut sauce from Siam Palace. Just don’t ask him why he doesn’t use chopsticks. Sheldon says that in Thailand, people use forks but not to eat but simply as a tool to put the food on a spoon which then goes into the mouth. Weirdness begins already.

2. Cheeseburger Tuesdays

Cheeseburger Tuesdays

Image source: Big Bang Theory Wikia

An all-American classic, Tuesdays were once dedicated to weekly hamburgers at Bob’s Big Boy, until the gang relocated to The Cheesecake Factory, where perky neighbor Penny serves Sheldon his usual: barbecue bacon cheeseburger, with barbecue sauce, bacon, and cheese on the side. Of course!

3. Halo Wednesdays

Halo and Comic book Wednesdays

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Wednesday is Halo night, beginning at 8:00 pm. They are often so engrossed playing Halo that Penny’s distractions are ignored. Sometimes, Wednesday is also new comic book night. The boys visit the comic book store and buy new comics. Comfort food may not have a specific day on the Big Bang Theory calendar, but it often helps the gang get over the mid-week hump. They usually order pizza on Halo night but yes, this day doesn’t have a fixed menu.

4. Pizza Thursdays

Pizza Thursdays

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Thursdays used to be Souplantation night, but this later changed to pizza. And hey surprise, the third Thursday of every month was “Anything Can Happen Thursday” for a while before Sheldon’s digestive system gave way. They finally settled for pizza and salad from the fictional Franconi’s pizza place before they went out of business and finally settled for Grazioni’s. Thursday nights are party nights the party grew to include girlfriends and wives gradually.

5. Chinese and vintage game Fridays

Chinese and Vintage game Fridays

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Sheldon goes to the bathroom at eight a.m. with optional follow-ups at one forty-five and seven ten on high-fiber Fridays. Nights are Chinese food to accompany vintage video games. Sheldon wouldn’t be Sheldon if he did not require his meal made-to-order. How does he like his chicken with broccoli? The chicken needs to be diced, not shredded, brown rice not white, hot mustard from the Korean grocery and low sodium soy sauce. He is so particular that Leonard had to save several boxes of Szechuan Palace to serve his food in even though it had closed down years ago.

6. Laundry Saturdays

Laundry Saturdays

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Sheldon has a schedule for Saturdays too. Saturday nights are laundry nights at 8:15 PM. He may not drink coffee, but Sheldon loves his cocoa! But Sheldon being Sheldon, he drinks hot chocolate only in the months containing the letter ‘R’ (January, February, March, April, September, October, November, December). Why? “What is life without whimsy?” he asks.

Even the boys don’t have a routine for Sundays. And I am sure no amount of inspiration will change your mind.

Have a great week ahead, folks!

Content source: Big Bang Theory Wikia. Cover image source: Comic Book.

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