Keyword Research Tools

11 Best Alternatives To Google Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is an imperative practice for every digital content creator. In this era of digitization, keyword research is as integral to content creation as salt to a dish.

Finding and using appropriate keyword, determines the success and failure of any content. Doing keyword research is a pain for marketers and content creator but, at the same time it is a prerequisite for making the content viral, for which you have already sweated so much.

You just don’t have an option to hop this step and construct a content which is un-attractive and on top of it, people are not searching it. Giving a slip to this step will directly affect your visibility and social presence, much sort after these days by Google.

However, despite of detailed research and including much searched keywords, if you are unsuccessful in driving traffic (that happens at times) you can use these simple hacks to get traffic without Google.

Google is best to identify both long tail and regular keywords. Along with keyword suggestion, it also offers other information which is a must for successful SEO and increasing visibility. Most widely used tools gifted by Google to the community are –

  • Google Adwords  keyword Planner tool – Keyword planner tool is the first choice of every digital content creator. This tool assists you in estimating traffic volume for your search term. The extended information about the cost of running a paid campaign for the search term is also shown upon research. This tool also gives you the liberty to customize your searches on the basis of language, location, search partners and also the date range. You also have the freedom to dig deep into keyword  analysis for various devices be it a mobile, a tablet or a desktop. The more you use it, the more clarity you will have.
  • Google Trends – This is yet another keyword research tool offered by Google to visualize the interest development of readers towards your keyword search. This tool also facilitates you to compare the search results of different alternatives of your keyword. Google Trends also aid you to analyse trends and buzz spread across the globe. Hence, it provides you important insights on potential keywords.

Although people rely on Google for most of their Keyword research, alternatives are available in the market to pose competition.

Let’s explore few keyword research tools (both long tail keywords and the primitive usual ones) that drive heavy traffic and are considered as alternative to Google keyword research tools.

Keyword Research Tools that give competition to Google:

1. Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye

Keyword eye is a widely used keyword research tool to analyse keyword productivity. This cool tools is available free of cost(basic level). However, in order to dive deep into keyword research pool you have to subscribe for pro version.


  • Simplified keyword research
  • Analyzing competition
  • Study onsite content trend

The only drawback associated with this tools is, you can’t use it until you register. Other than this, Keyword eye is a good option for marketers and bloggers to brainstorm keywords and creatively use them.

2. Keyword io

Keyword io

This new tool gears you with the facility of filtering keywords on the basis of countries. Isn’t that cool! It  allows you to pick out popular keywords for different countries and use them. Topping to this, Keyword io also shows top 10 search results drawn directly from Google. Yeah!

This technique is a sure shot way to attract traffic to your website. Did I mention, this tool is absolutely Free. Hurry!


  • Feature relevant URL for specific keyword
  • Download suggested keywords
  • Visualize term relevancy on the basis of text rank and TF•IDF

Determine what your audience are looking for and connect with them smartly.

3. Market Samurai

Market Samurai

This tools is carved around the four pillars of SEO (Relevancy, Competition, Traffic and Commercialism). The premium tool comes with 30 days free trail and later you can continue to avail its benefits by paying once. It is of great use to search engine marketers, this definitely make it wanting.


  • Identifying quality back links of other websites
  • Filter useless keywords
  • Uncover the website ranking for a specific keyword

All you have to do to standout your efforts, is register and start exploring new opportunities with most attractive keywords.

4. Serpstat


This keyword research tool comes with a unique feature of choosing different Google domains and perform search. It suggests popular keywords and its most used alternatives. Using this recent tool, you can further breakdown your search term for “only questions” or “all keywords”.

The must sort after information(COST), need not bother, this tool is ABSOLUTELY FREE.


  • Filter to display “all”, “only questions” or “starting with specific word”
  • Check varied Google Domains
  • Free Signup

Signup and capitalize your efforts by using appropriate keywords.


Another promising tool for keyword research is It is a best alternative to Google Keyword planner and skillfully generates as many as 750+ result for your search query. is a great guide to start with keyword research. It proves to be a nourishment for your brain and triggers idea generation process.


  • You don’t have to spare a single penny to use it (absolutely Free)
  • Extremely reliable and give positive result 99.99% of time
  • Generates results based on language and domain chosen

Grab this opportunity to use this free tool and be a hit with your target audience.

6.  Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool

Moz Keyword difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool

This paid keywords research tool helps you retrieve top 10 ranking of the keyword and further assign a difficulty score on the basis of page rank. It also facilitates you to uncover search volume data for your search term. Competitive keyword analysis support is also provided when you subscribe to this tool.


  • View page rank and get notified for on and off page optimization
  • Prioritize your keyword and build a plan to handle competition and stand out.
  • Report can be downloaded in .CSV format for further use.

Try this amazing tool for 30 days (Free trial ) and further dig deeper into keyword research with subscribing Pro version.

With the evolution of SEO and Google search algorithm, keyword science has also changed. Earlier marketers used exact keywords to drive organic traffic and were successful. However, in present scenario, trend of using long tail keyword (Sentence or phrase) is virtually impossible to avoid. With this, arises a need to identify long tail keywords using quality software.

If you do not trust tools, check How to Find Long Tail Keywords by Brian Dean @ Backlinko.

Long Tail Keyword Research Tools:

1. Google AutoCompete Keyword Tool (BY KTD)

Google Auto Suggest

What better than Google itself  to suggest keywords!

Google Auto suggest assist you in searching the jewels among various long tail keywords. All you have to do is, enter the term and click the search icon. A list of long tail keywords synonymous to your search term will be spread out.

You have complete freedom to choose anyone that suits your requirement. This easy to use tool allows you to download keywords in .CSV format. Isn’t that great!

2. Wordtracker


Wordtracker, clean in design and a easy to use tool, is preferred by many marketers to nail down appropriate long tail keywords. Top 10 results propounded by this tool are those attracting highest search traffic. You can always choose one from those featured or can continue with further research.

In case, you choose to continue the research with this tool, it will project a bigger picture of the competition faced by different keywords. Further, it also calculates Key Efficiency Index (relation between search volume and competition) thus, empowering you to determine keyword’s potential.

The stumbling block linked with this tool is that, the free version is limited to 7 days only. 🙁 

3. Long tail Pro

Long Tail Pro

Long tail Pro is a paid tool to research long tail keywords. Initially, the tool gives a 10 days free trail, however, once your free subscription expires, you have to choose one from “long tail pro” or “Pro + Platinum”. Other than keyword research, Long Tail Pro also gives you the freedom to analyze competition, identify opportunities and thereby focus on profitable niches.

What are you waiting for? Why not grab a free 10 day trail and explore this amazing tool.

4. Hit Tail


Hit tail brings back the search data(keywords) which drives traffic to your website. This paid tool assists you in unlocking most appropriate keywords based on your current traffic. It also sends email alerts for new keyword suggestions.

Use Hit tail and increase your organic traffic fairly easily.

5. Ubersuggest


This keyword research tool digs relevant keywords for you from Google directory absolutely free. It also provides you the opportunity to select language for your search. You can also extract keywords for different verticals ( shopping, images, video, recipe etc. ). Plus sign (+) to the left of every keyword allows you to include it in your keyword list (Wish list).

So what are you thinking, take a drive of Ubersuggest without your wallet.

Content marketing effort cripples in absence of appropriate keyword which derives traffic to the website. Above mentioned tools are some of the best and most used keyword research tools in the industry. Use any of the above tools and increase your site ranking. This doesn’t mean you miss out on bounce rate, images, headlines, site down time and focus solely on Keyword research.

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