Men Or Women Who is more active on Social Media?

Have you ever asked yourself whether you use social media more or your hubby? It is not an important stats to inquire about generally but, if you are a writer its important to know whether you are targeting the right set of social networks or not.

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” an old saying holds true when one determines who is more active on social media. Strategists have settled upon a fact that, men use social media for more business reasons. However, if we talk about women it is a mode to interact with friends & family and share personal experiences and thought. Don’t you find this true?

This reveals how men and women differently use social media but, that does not say who is more active? An important question for you to know. It is even more critical for you since depending upon this you can focus on the right social channel depending upon your content.

The below info-graphic by Quicksprout will definitely help you understand the activity of men and women on varied social platforms and you can direct your content marketing efforts accordingly.

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Men or Women


So if your target party is female focus your marketing efforts to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. But if you publish content targeting male population you should make them public on sites like LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus. Also follow these tips to avoid social media mishaps.

Over to You

Much of the talking from my end, now its your turn to let me know your thoughts. Share your experiences without hesitation in the comments section below.

Happy Networking!

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