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10 Free Minimal Tumblr themes for Bloggers

Tumblr is one of the most popular free blogging platforms. Whether you want to post photos, videos, links or text write-ups, the simple interface of Tumblr makes content creation and curation a breeze. No wonder it powers over 220 million different blogs.

Tumblr is as good for marketing as it is for personal and hobbyist blogging. According to QuickSprout, more than 50% of Tumblr users are female and 50% users are under the age of 25. If your blog audience or, marketing target for your product is female or young educated audience, Tumblr is the platform you would not want to give a miss. Usually, people use Tumblr to share short and often multimedia posts. But, recently they rolled out updates to their platform to make it more appealing to long-form content writers too, much like the Medium writing experience.

So in this post I have compiled a list of free minimal Tumblr themes that put focus on content and readability much like Medium reading experience. All these themes have clean layout and responsive design. New to Tumblr or, want to change the layout of your existing blog as per the recent trends of minimalism, this collection has a theme for your needs.

Minimal Tumblr Themes

The default Tumblr theme, Optica is itself an example of clean, simple layout. Below you will find more theme options that will make your blog look different than the default one, yet being minimal and content focused.

1. Editorial

Editorial is a minimal Tumblr theme designed to emphasize high contrast and large typography to make reading more enjoyable.


2. Verbage

Verbage is a Tumblr theme with clean layuout designed for writers. Features include custom colors, infinite scroll and support for Google fonts.


3. Paper

Paper is a responsive Tumblr theme built with simplicity and performance in mind. It comes with different customization options including customizable header background and image, fonts, integration with social feeds and Disqus comments.


4. Ashley

Ashley is a minimal Tumblr theme with focus on large typography and readability. This theme is fully responsive and supports Google web fonts.


5. Whiting

A minimal theme optimized to display correctly on all devices.


6. Royal

Content focused Tumblr theme, Royal is fully responsive. Features include support for Google fonts, custom colors and Disqus integration.


7. Ink

Ink is a responsive Tumblr theme with minimal interface and simple navigation. The theme comes with options for color customization, Google font support and social media integration.


8. Effector

Effector is a free Tumblr theme with multiple layout sizes, customizable sidebar and top navigation bar options. It also includes a dark version and three basic color schemes to suit your needs.


9. The Minimalist

As its name suggests, Minimalist is a minimal Tumblr theme to showcase your content.


10. Vacant

Vacant is a 2 column Tumblr theme designed to show content at a large scale.


Simple, minimal layouts provide better user experience. They encourage readers to focus on content rather than distracting them with clutter and increasing bounce rate. If you are running content oriented blog, it is therefore advisable to go for clean, user-friendly layouts.

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