Natural arches of Europe

You Just Cant Avoid These Natural Arches While on Europe Tour

Natural arches are natural bridges formed by water shaving the soft part of huge hard rocks. This tussle between water and rock creates astonishing pieces of natural architecture. These natural arches are also used as natural bridges. US Route 11, Carter caves state park and some well known examples that you might have heard.

Natural arches, spread all across the globe (largest natural arc – Xianren Bridge, China), have now become famous tourist destinations especially for adventure lovers, as they offer a perfect blend of non human architecture and thrilling water sports along with under water sports.

1. Durdle Door-England


Image curtsy – W. Lloyd MacKenzie, via Flickr

This mesmerizing piece of natural architecture is made up of limestone. This private property owned by Welds is situated on the Jurassic Coast, England. You must have seen this arch in several music videos (tears of fear, shout). Several movie sequences have also been filmed at this location.

Despite being someone’s precious asset, it is open for public to visit and take home invaluable experience. The view of sea waves hitting hard walls of arc will leave you spellbound.

2. Green Bridge of Wales


Image curtsy –  JKMMX

Another beautiful natural arch of England with 80 feet height, Green Bridge of Wales is a must visit location while on a tour of England. Carved by the sea, this beautiful arch is situated at the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Green Bridge of Wales is arguably the most spectacular of all arches located in the United Kingdom. You can enjoy some of the most ruggedly picturesque scenery  here while relishing nature. Peaceful beaches, charming in-lets, mysterious caves and other natural features erected by sea waves are other attractions.

3. Azure Window


Image curtsy  Berthold Werner

At the Maltese Island of Gozo, lies this natural bridge. Its stunning geography was formed when two limestone sea caves collapsed. Towering rock with a precarious table structure, the Azure Window is very popular among scuba divers. You might have probably seen this natural window in the famous TV Series “Game of thrones”. Also, a few scenes in movies like “Clash of the Titans” and “The Count of Monte Cristo” were shot at this location.

The Azure Window gives you a magical view of the sea. Underwater, you can see amazing marine life including sea horses, fire worms etc. You can also enjoy boat rides and breezy walks along the arch. The arch gives you a spectacular experience at all times, and is most astonishing when the sea waves hit the walls.

Sadly, increased human activities at this fabulous piece of nature has caused a loss to the arch and it is deteriorating at a very fast pace. If you are planning a Europe tour, include this fabulous beauty in your itinerary before it is renamed as the Azure Pinnacle.

4. Pont d’ Arc


Image curtsy- Alexandra at at lb.wikipedia

This iconic natural rock arch is located in southern France, 5 km from the town of Vallon-Pont-d’Arc. The arch gives you astonishing views of the river Ardeche. Apart from enjoying nature at its best,  you can also do canoeing and kayaking here.

The incredible work of river Ardeche is sure to leave you speechless and make you feel that even stones have their own legends. If you like the melodious sound of waves and love trying water sports, this is a must visit for you.

5. The Arches of Étretat

 The Arches of Etretat

Image curtsy – Markasiet

The “Arches of Étretat” is a fascinating piece of nature located in North-western France.  It is famous for its three natural arches and white chalk cliffs. It is among the best-known sights in France and a very popular destination for day trips.

The views from the “Arches of Étretat” are magnificent and truly magical. Behind the arches lies a 77 m high rock needle, which was believed to have hidden treasures.

The “Arches of Étretat” has made place in the paintings of many artists and has been a great source of inspiration till date. A visit to these amazing raw beauties will make you fall in love with nature and its artistic abilities.

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