Miss Playing Snake on Smartphones? The Iconic Nokia Snake game is back!


Move aside Candy Crush, the old king of games is coming back! Yes, the iconic and most played game of all time, found in classic Nokia phones of the 90’s called Snake has made a comeback for the new generation smartphones. The game has debuted on all three major smartphones –  iOS, Android and Windows Phone with a new name – Snake Rewind.

Here we leave you with a sneak peak of how this game will look like on your modern day smartphones. Find the links to download Snake Rewind after the video.

Download on iOS | Android | Windows Phone

The developer behind Snake, Taneli Armanto collaborated with Nokia in 1997 and thus the Snake game first came into existence on a Nokia 6110. This time the developer has collaborated with Rumilus Design to bring the classic Nokia game to your smartphones.



Do you love playing snake? How do you find this new avatar of the classic game?

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