No Dairy Sources of Calcium

10 Non-dairy calcium rich foods

Healthy bones, teeth, muscles, and body cells, all need a calcium rich diet. Researches have revealed that an adult body needs 1000 mg of calcium each day, and since our childhood we are taught the best source of calcium are dairy products. But, what if one is allergic to dairy products or is lactose intolerant or simply hate that taste of milk and its substitutes.

No worries! We definitely have some more choices and you need not rely only on dairy products for the daily dosage of calcium.

Non-dairy calcium rich foods to keep you physically fit and charged

1. Broccoli


This dark green veggie is a rich source of calcium along with other essential minerals and vitamins. If paired with other food items, broccli leads to exceptionally delicious and mouth watering dishes prepared in minimal time. Garnishing food and salad with broccoli is also an easy option to include it in daily diet.

2. Oranges


This mouth watering anti-aging citrus fruit is also a good source of calcium. One cup of orange juice gives you 27 milligrams of calcium (easiest method of calcium intake). Grab one and charge yourself this summer. If you have a sweet tooth try this orange, almond and pomegranate trifle.

 3. Kale


These green leaves has it all, vitamin C, K A, proteins, essential nutrients and of-course calcium. Make it the base of your salad or top your dish with it, you have n number of options to have it. Try these recipes which use kale as an irreplaceable ingredient.

4. Figs


This sweet and sticky fruit is in-fact a rich source of calcium. Along with calcium it also supplies magnesium in wholesome amount required for different body mechanisms. Fibers and antioxident content of figs make it a must have dry fruit for a healthy skin and body. Creamy Fig jam is always a delicious method to eat this dried fruit.

5. Almonds


Grabbing handful of almonds a day will serve different nutritional needs of your body. This easily available dry fruit is full of calcium, potassium, iron and vitamine E. Have it dry, as a topping or try this tasty recipe.

6. Okra/ladyfinger


Loved by people of ages, this non dairy calcium substitute is a rich source of vitamin B6, folate and fibers. Try this okra recipe and suppress your taste buds with delicious calcium dose.

7. Black-eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas

For a well balanced diet these beans are a must to-be-included in your diet. Filled with calcium, potassium, folate they make healthy side dishes, and good to have with soups and stews. Black-eyed peas are definitely a healthy option instead of mayo to club with you sandwiches and appetizers. Try this spread to compliment your snack.

8. Bok Choy

Bok Choy

This Chinese cabbage is stuffed with vitamins, fiber and calcium. This easily available, fast cooking veggie is a good substitute of dairy products to fulfill your calcium requirements. You can start with this delicious bok choy recipe.

9. Sardines


These salty little fishes fills not only for calcium, but also makes up for other vitamins and nutrients. Munch on these healthy fishes either directly from the can or as a topping to a salad.

10. Canned Salmon


Canned salmons will surely fulfill your desire of having these cosltly fish and definitely are rich source of calcium. Despite of fulfilling your calcium needs these are also helps you in belly flattening. If you don’t like fish – try these salmon cakes to give your taste buds a treat.

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